Why Mohan Raja Chose To Direct Ram Charan?

Why Mohan Raja Chose To Direct Ram Charan?

21 Oct 20 @ 1:30 PM | By GitacharYa

Thani Oruvan was a thriller classic now. It has an intriguing subject. An inspirational point for the current day youth - that of choosing the right enemy to test your capacity. And a lesson to the officers to be - in how to bring a crime empire down by reaching its root access point. It has its share of flaws as was illustrated by expert screenwriting gurus like Sikander. But still it has the capacity to hold the attention of the viewers.

Deservedly, it was remade into other languages. The most famous one being Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Dhruva directed by P. Surender Reddy. Though the film was an above average venture commercially thanks to demonetisation effect, Dhruva was a sort of career reviver for Ram Charan in many ways ending the streak of routine commercial entertainers from him.

The film Thani Oruvan (and hence Dhruva) was the brainchild of director Mohan Raja - Tamil director mostly known for remakes and his films with his brother Jayam Ravi. But before making his foray into Kollywood, Mohan Raja made his directorial debut with the ultimate mass comedy Hanuman Junction in Telugu which incidentally was a remake too. Son of noted producer Editor Mohan, Mohan Raja’s films are often accused in Tamil Cinema of being close in spirit to Telugu films with gloss than the non-glossy nature of Tamil films.

Thani Oruvan was special not just for its success but also being the first of his original films. A tightly woven thriller with interconnected plot elements and nearly unguessable twists, it was also the film which made Jayam Ravi a more bankable star.

With Mohan Raja now doing a film with Ram Charan Tej (a bilingual), the talk that it would be a sequel for Thani Oruvan. Ram Charan isn’t someone who gives nod to scripts easily. If we ask the question: how he convinced Ram Charan? Then we will get the logic behind the talks that the film would be a sequel to Dhruva (Thani Oruvan). If it’s not for such a subject with huge scope and a potential to be a landmark in his career, Ram Charan wouldn’t accept the offer.

And that the movie is going to be the first film for him as a lead actor (In Acharya, it’s an extended cameo) after RRR, Cherry will be taking special care so he could encash the newfound craze in other states. But here the question is Why Ram Charan Is Chosen By Mohan Raja instead of his own brother? The answer is obvious. Ram Charan is a bigger star. After RRR, his stardom will touch the sky. And he actually outclassed Jayam Ravi with his performance in Dhruva.

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