Why Indian Web Series Are Attracting Controversy

Why Indian Web Series Are Attracting Controversy

29 Jan 21 @ 5:16 PM

Indian web-series are always facing some controversy every other day. The makers are landing in legal trouble, seeing massive outrage on social media, and even receiving violent threats from the mass. While Tandav is making headlines for one such controversy, there is a bunch of series on Netflix and Amason Prime met the same fate.

This is making us question what’s wrong with the Indian series. Is the Indian audience not ready to accept web-content? Or, the buzz created by the controversies is helping the series makers in its promotion?

Well, it is difficult to point out the only reason. Indian audience is not new to the concept of web-series. They have enjoyed watching foreign content for quite a few years now. Then why the sudden outburst?

Filmmakers have often complained that the Indian audience is too sensitive. It seems, recently, all the web-series have somehow managed to hurt their religious sentiment. In Tandav, a scene that features its characters performing as Hindu Gods offended the audience. The makers of the show have apologized unconditionally and also removed the scene which started the controversy in the first place. 

In The Suitable Boy, a kiss scene didn’t go well with the audience. Allegedly, the sequence took place at the backdrop of a temple, which enraged the viewers. 


Amazon Prime's popular series Mirzapur too landed in legal trouble. Anupriya Patel, MP from the Mirzapur constituency demanded action against the makers for portraying the Mirzapur district of UP in a bad light. Not only legal trouble but many Indian OTT Series That Received BOYCOTT Threats.


Was the outrage necessary or justified? - the makers may ask the question. However, there is no doubt these incidents have given them some publicity. Albeit negative but publicity is something every producer craves. 



However, not every artist wants a controversy regarding their work, neither the audience enjoys the tense situation. The violent calls that we saw recently were too much for people’s sanity. Therefore, it will be better to be careful with the content at least until the Indian audience is ready to accept a film/series as a mere work of fiction.

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