Why Give Wild Dog A Try In Theatres?

Why Give Wild Dog A Try In Theatres?

1 Apr 21 @ 3:41 PM | By GitacharYa

It’s been a long time since Akkineni Nagarjuna seen in a proper action role. He had tried his hand with Ram Gopal Varma’s Officer. But Ram Gopal Varma himself could have forgotten its existence and Nag...? He so wishes that it doesn’t exist in his filmography. So, Wild Dog is a refreshing break for Nagarjuna and a breath of fresh air for his fans who haven’t seen him in proper intense roles.

Let’s see what we think as highlights of the film.

Nag In An Action Role

Nagarjuna though known for mostly romantic roles, it is as an action star he got his biggest breakthrough. But his action roles are sporadic and a majority of times, he proved himself to be a capable action hero. But among his contemporaries, he mostly confined himself to entertainers and romantic films. Now, after a long time, he’s coming up as a ferocious action hero in Wild Dog. That he’s referred to as Wild Dog in the film is enough proof of how interesting and intense his role is going to be. His ruggedly handsome looks, off the throat nonchalant-sounding voice all suit the role of an NIA agent who leads India’s biggest undercover operation.

Realistic backdrop

The movie is based on terrorist. Activities including the dreaded Gokul Chat explosion. Serial bomb explosions in India might be a thing of past now, at least in a few notable cities, at one time people used to fear for the safety due to the attacks. So, it is in this backdrop Wild Dog is set and will explore how a team of toughens cops nab the people behind the blasts.

Technical brilliance

Though the makers initially thought of releasing this movie on Netflix but such is their confidence on the film that they postponed the OTT streaming and opted for theatrical release. The sound design and the visuals are said to be two of the biggest highlights of the film. Shaneil Deo’s cinematography seems to be atmospheric. Almost all actors appear to have jelled well enough for to appear like a real life team participating in an operation.

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