Why do we still have Premam towards Nivin's Premam?

Why do we still have Premam towards Nivin's Premam?

29 May 20 @ 12:13 PM | By Divya Nair

2015 Mollywood film Premam tugs at your heartstrings and we love it even after 5 years of release. Nivin Pauly along with 17 newcomers including 3 heroines takes the audience to a throwback mode. The Alphonse Puthran film is considered one of the best coming-of age romantic entertainers and despite the film being completely regional having local flavors, it won over other language movie buffs.

Well, why do we have Premam (Love) towards the film Premam even now? Most importantly, it is that emotional connect the audience felt towards the film. The incidents made us empathize with the characters, not sympathize with them. No macho men, no fiery dialogues, no flying villains, no hot women, all the film had was 'real' characters and 'realistic' emotions. It was like a mirror into one's own life that showed a reflection of one's days in youth. The fond memories that replay in our head, the subtle detailing, the soulful tunes and the frames are still etched fresh in us.

We will have Premam towards Premam for many more years, for sure!

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