Whom All Will You Cast In Mahabharata Movie? Vote Now

Whom All Will You Cast In Mahabharata Movie? Vote Now

23 Nov 17 @ 6:49 PM | By Sunderlal Raja & Sai

Mahabharata is the epic saga that deserves a big-screen telling. The sheer depth of the story and the characters are the reason. And if that isn't enough for this tale to be told in 70 mm, then there is the mother of all battles, the Kurukshetra War. It will put to shame all the war scenes we have seen till now in the world cinema, like the ones from Baahubali, Asoka, Jodha Akbar and even 300! And the big screen version of this classic mythology must be something that justifies, what was written ages ago. So, we decided to give you the opportunity to be the casting director for 'Mahabharata - The Movie'. But, this saga is so large and so are the list of Indian actors. To make your task easy, we have shortlisted the most appropriate actors for each of the most important 18 characters. But wait, the fun isn't over. You can also choose the director you prefer the most, to helm this "baap" of all projects! What are you waiting for? Scroll down and vote for your choice of cast. 

[NB: If you have a different suggestion than the given names, please mention them in the comment box.]

  1. Yudhishthira

    Yudhishthira, the eldest of the Pandavas, was a staunch follower of dharma. He was calm and composed even in the eye of the storm. He was the one who always kept the family together and always loved his brothers more than anything.

    Aamir Khan Indrajith Sukumaran Prabhu
  2. Bhima

    The second of the Pandavas, Bhima was the mightiest of all. His might was equal to that of a herd of Elephants. Being the son of the wind God and his strength, made him a natural bully. Yet he always stood before his loved ones when faced with danger.

    Rana Daggubati John Abraham Arya
  3. Arjuna

    Of the Pandavas, Arjuna was the one who had the eye for details. He is arguably the best archer in the entire Mahabharata. Most beloved to all his teachers, this son of Devendra was charming beyond comparison yet a ferocious archer and warrior on the battlefield.

  4. Nakula

    Nakula was the fourth among the Pandavas and was, with his twin brother, the keeper of all medicinal secrets. He was intelligent, caring and above all the most handsome in the lineage. He was also loving but when needed ready to take life as well.

  5. Sahadeva

    Youngest of the five, Sahadeva was the twin brother of Nakula. He was also a natural charmer and a very caring person. At the same time, he was the one who conquered several big and small kingdoms for the Rajasuya, and also the best with the sword.

  6. Karna

    Karna, the illegitimate son of Kunti, is one of the most prominent characters in the epic story. He had to face rejection and questions about his birth at every corner in life, but he only grew stronger with each of those taunts. Undoubtedly, one of the most loved characters from Mahabharata.

    Vikram Ajay Devgn Mammootty Prabhas
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  8. Duryodhana

    Though normally portrayed as the main antagonist of Mahabharata, the best way to describe Duryodhana is that his character had more shades of gray. Being the eldest of the Kauravas, he was an amazing warrior but with a pinch of arrogance over his head.

    Jagapati Babu Vivek Oberoi Jeet Suresh Gopi
  9. Shakuni

    The wicked of all, Shakuni can be named as the real perpetrator behind Kurukshetra battle. Being the most trusted advisor of Duryodhana, he used his brain and mental tactics were his weapon. Shakuni's mental games were a tough beat for everyone. Even the great Bhishma and Dronacharya failed to beat him in his mind games.

    Kota Srinivasa Rao Nasser Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  10. Gandhari

    Wife to the King Dhritrashtra and mother to Kauravas, Gandhari is among the characters who sacrificed the most. Her resolve to cover her eyes to stay same as her blind husband, in the case of the 5 senses, proves the strength and gravitas of the character.

    Ramya Krishnan Tabu
  11. Kunti

    Kunti, mother to the Pandavas and Karna, was a very subtle character, who spend most of her life, fighting miseries and hardship. Though being a Queen, she hardly got the chance to live as one. She always had to battle with her feelings for Karna, this mother-son relationship was something that always took a toll on her.

    Sridevi Shobana Raadhika
  12. Draupadi

    Draupadi was the reason that led to the battle. She was the source of strength for the Pandavas and at the same time, she was their biggest weakness. Life was never easy for her. Still, Draupadi was the strongest of all women characters in Mahabharata. The literal embodiment for 'Naari-Shakti', if you may call so.

  13. Bhishma

    Gangaputra aka Bhishma was the living embodiment of the phrase, 'man of his word'. In fact, he was so bound by his word, that it led to his death. In modern terms, Bhishma was the 'protector of the realm' and the most loyal to the King and his kingdom. He was powerful of all yet bound by his word, which many a time made him choose what he didn't want.

  14. Krishna

    In Mahabharata, what Shakuni was to Kaurava, was Krishna to Pandavas. In a sense, he played the role of a master manipulator to make Dharma the winner, in every situation. Being the divine of all and the human form of the ultimate, Krishna could have ended everything in the blink of an eye but always allowed to let the situation play out on itself and only intervened in the dire need.

  15. Dhritarashtra

    Dhritarashtra could have been the most idol King Hastinapur got but, was never able to be the one because of his blind love towards his children. Though powerful than Bheema, his blindness always made him feel inferior to others. This result in an undying rage inside him, which did more harm than good.

    Mukesh Rishi Jackie Shroff
  16. Shikandi

    The reincarnation of Princess Amba, Shikandi was the reason which made it possible for Arjuna to put an arrow through Bhishma. Born as a girl named Shikandini, her story of this life and the previous one was always related to Bhishma. And this makes her an important character, despite an inconsistent reference to her in the Mahabharata.

    Sivakarthikeyan Manoj Bajpayee
  17. Abhimanyu

    Most popular and consequential among the children of both Pandavas and Kauravas, Abhimanyu was a fearless warrior and natural charmer, just like his father Arjuna. Though he lived a very short life, his bravery and death made him a character that will live as long as Mahabharata is in the minds of the people.

  18. Drona

    Most knowledged in warfare and war tactics, Drona aka Guru Dronacharya, was the preceptor of both Kauravas and Pandavas. Also the incarnation of Brahma himself, Drona was fearless, daunting yet loving and above all a sage for whom Dharma and his pride mattered the most, until, it was his son or the other. This shows the depth of this character, who on the surface seems just an arrogant sage with an attitude.

  19. Dushasana

    Dhushasana, the second son of King Dhritarashtra and Gandhari, was the brother who was always seen with Duryodhana. An arrogant and over the head attitude character, Dhushasana is remembered for being the person who pulled the dress of Draupadi in the King's court. Though hated by many, his blind trust in his elder brother, made him the person closest to the ears of Duryodhana.

    Sudheer Babu Irrfan Khan Manoj K Jayan Vijay Sethupathi
  20. Director

    Mahabharata is the greatest story that can ever be told on the big screen. And it will also be the movie that will have the most star-studded cast in the history of Indian cinema. So, the director needs to be someone who has the grasp and understanding about the vastness of the story. Being at the helm of the project, the filmmaker needs to be the one who is able to handle such a big cast, and an above and beyond production work.

    Shankar S Sanjay L. Bhansali S.S. Rajamouli Priyadarshan