What's In The Name Of A Starkid? MEANING

What's In The Name Of A Starkid? MEANING

8 Apr 21 @ 1:31 PM | By Sayanee Gupta

New parents and families spend a lot of time and brainstorm together to find the most appropriate and yet unique name for their offsprings. Because having a nice name is not enough. Indian parents want to find a meaningful name for their kids. Especially, when it comes to celebs, the pressure of finding the right name is unbelievable. A mistake can initiate an unending controversy. Who can forget the outrage over Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's first son's name Taimur? People expressed that the star couple had named their son over an invader.

Well, Saif later revealed, they picked the name Taimur because it means Iron in ancient Persian. So, it wasn't about history but language. In fact, not only Saifeena but many celebs have also taken ancient language classes before naming their kids(pun intended). If you want to draw some inspiration, here we reveal the meaning of the names of star kids. Take a look. 

Aaradhya AbRam Arhaan Inaaya Samisha Taimur Vamika Azad
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