Watch All The 10 Memorable Classics Produced by Edida Nageswara Rao

Watch All The 10 Memorable Classics Produced by Edida Nageswara Rao

30 May 18 @ 4:20 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

It is rather unfortunate that Tollywood has lost a great producer like Edida Nageswara Rao. This producer, who was also the founder of Poornodaya Movie Creations, gave Tollywood some of the best ageless classics which are relevant to this date. His movies have won awards and appreciation all around the country. His first production ‘Siri Siri Muvva’ was a blockbuster. After that , he never looked back. His demise was met with grief and shock. Though he is no more with us but he has left behind some classics with which we can remember him for the man he was. As a tribute to the late producer, listed below are all of his Telugu movies which can be watched online.

  • Siri Siri Muvva

    This movie is directed by K. Vishwanath. It is a beautiful classic which deals with dance and greed. Hyma is a mute girl who has a passion for dancing and she is ill-treated by her stepmother. Also, she secretly loves Sambayya, an orphan who takes her to the city after her father’s death. Unfortunately, he falls prey to Tuberculosis (TB). To save him, she starts giving dance performances and soon her talent gets appreciated by many. Things are complicated when Sambayya wants her to marry the dance organiser as he sees her with a better future if she is with him. The rest of the movie is about whom she decides to marry. Jayapradha, Chandramohan and Ramaprabha play the lead roles in this movie. KV Mahadevan gave music.

  • Tayaramma Bangarayya

    Kommineni Seshagiri Rao directed this movie. The movie deals with marriage and its importance. Bangarraya and Tayarramma are a couple who are on a social mission to mend the broken marital relationships between couples. Rest of the movie focusses on how they go about executing their mission. The movie carries the message that when married couples face problems, they should resolve it in a amicable manner rather than drifting apart. Satyanarayana and Sowcar Janaki star in this movie. The movie received a mediocre response upon its release. However, it is not to say that movie was bad. It was just ahead of its time.
  • Sankarabharanam

    When this movie was released, it was deemed as a flop as people thought Manju Bhargavi, who used to dance in item songs, was a misfit in a cultural movie. However, when the word of mouth got out, the movie turned out to be a raging hit. This K. Viswanath directorial deals with music, caste system and greed. The movie is about Sankara Sastry (J. V. Somayajulu), a renowned classical singer, and Tulasi (Manju Bhargavi), a low caste woman. Tulasi is forced to wed a rich, but abusive, man. Against her wishes, her husband rapes her and she kills him in self-defence. Left with no other option, she turns to Sankara Sastry, the most powerful man of the village, for help. Out of kindness, he provides shelter and helps her. However, the society doesn’t appreciate his generosity and ostracises him and Tulasi. Seeing that she is bringing ill to the Samaritan, she leaves the village to protect Sankara Sastry’s position. However, Sankara Sastry loses his position and his enviable lifestyle due to the growing craze for pop music. Tulasi, who was impregnated by her dead husband, has a son. She sees him as an opportunity to provide some respite to ageing singer. The rest of the movie focuses on the relation between Sastry and Tulasi’s son which was well directed. The movie won various awards such as Prize of Public at Besancon Film Festival of France, National, Nandi and Filmfare awards. Veteran musician K. V. Mahadevan composed the music for this legendary classic. Speaking about this classic, K. Viswanath said that movie wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Edida Nagewara Rao who encouraged him to helm this movie.
  • Seethakoka Chilaka

    This movie was directed by P. Bharathiraja. The movie deals with religion and its banes. Karthik Muthuraman and Aruna Macherla were lead actors of this movie. They belong to different religions. Over due course, they love each other. But, society prevents them from marrying. Rest of the movie focuses on how they unite. The movie received a good response at the box office. It garnered a few Nandi awards. The movie marked Nageswara Rao’s first and last collaboration with Bharathiraja.
  • Sagara Sangamam

    K. Viswanath directed this marvel which deals with dance and its degradation with time. The movie focusses on Balakrishna (Kamal Haasan), a poor dancer, struggles to eke out a living. During this course, he meets Madhavi (Jayaprada), a rich beautiful woman. Over time, he falls in love with her and loves her dearly. However, he gets to know that she has separated from her husband. Due to his respect for marriage, he reunites the couple. However, after she reunites with her husband, he turns to the bottle. Although he becomes a journalist, his passion for dance doesn’t die. In his profession, he lamblasts a dancer for showing no dedication towards dancing. As fate would have it, the dancer is none other than Madhavi’s daughter. Out of respect for him, she meets Balakrishna and decides to reform his life and put it back on course. However, unbeknownst to Balu, she now harbours a dark secret. The rest of the movie focuses on their relationship. The movie is all time classic which is relevant even today. This super hit bagged various awards, including but not limited to National and Nandi awards.
  • Sitaara

    This movie marks Nageswara Rao’s first collaboration with director Vamsy. The movie deals with the male domination of the society. The movie centres upon Sitaara (Bhanupriya) who wants to step out of her over protective brother’s grip. One day, she watches a dancer (Suman) out of her window and falls in love with him. Her brother doesn’t like this and sends some men to murder Suman. Sitaraa, despite knowing this does nothing because of her powerless position. Out of desperation, she runs away and meets Devadas (Subhleka Sudhakar). After knowing her story, he does a little digging and finds out that Suman is still alive. The rest of the movie is what he does next. This movie won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu.
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  • Swati Mutyam

    Swati Mutyam is another timeless classic that was directed by K. Viswanath. The movie deals with true love, autism and remarriage. The movie focuses upon Sivayya (Kamal Haasan) a autistic man who lives with his mother. During a festival, he ties the knot with a widow (Radhika), in an attempt to do good. A shocked Radhika now has to take care of her son and her autistic husband. Rest of the movie focuses on how they combat the hardships of their marital life. The ending scene of this movie is just tear welling. The movie was a blockbuster and it earned both Nandi and Filmfare awards

  • Swayam Krushi

    Swayamkrushi is about Sambayya, a cobbler, who raises two kids, one of whom is his dead sister’s son. He loves Ganga and marries her at a later point of the time. One of the kids he raised, marries a good for nothing greedy fellow. Over due course of time, Sambayya becomes rich as his brother-in-law eyes for his wealth. To complicate the situation, his sister’s greedy husband tries to stake his claim on Sambayya’s wealth. The rest of the movie is about how Sambayya deals with these parasites. This movie was a super hit. Chiranjeevi’s performance garnered him a Nandi award.
  • Swara Kalpana

    Swara Kalpana marks Nageswara Rao’s final colloboration with Vamsy. The movie was released in 1989. It had Sriram Edida and Seetha Parthiban in the lead roles. Veteran actors J. V. Somayajulu and Sowcar Janaki starred in this movie as well. Upon its release, the movie bombed at the box office.
  • Aapadbandhavudu

    This heart rending love story centers around a couple, Madhava (Chiranjeevi) and Hema (Meenkashi Seshadri). Madhava is a poor cowherd who works for Hema’s father. They both love each other. But, due to their class differences they don’t express. Due to a unforeseen circumstance, Hema goes into a nervous shock and is admitted into a mental asylum. Madhava who loves her more than his life gets himself admitted into that asylum by behaving like a retard. The rest of the movie focuses on how Madhava brings Hema back to normalcy. The movie is slightly disturbing, however the scenes where they electrocute Chiranjeevi are tear welling. The movie shows how strong love can be. This movie was Edida Nagaeswara Rao's last production. Also, it marks his final collaboration with K. Viswanath.