Watch How Hard Our South Indian Actresses Work Out To Wow Us

Watch How Hard Our South Indian Actresses Work Out To Wow Us

4 May 18 @ 4:21 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Actresses do a lot to preserve their pristine beauty. They control their diet & use different cosmetics to look more glamorous. But more importantly, they workout. These fitness buffs drip sweat & burn calories just to wow us. To show you how difficult it is for them to maintain that impressive physique, we've compiled some of the leading actresses gym workout videos. So, watch your favourite celebrity's workout regime & see how hard they toil to get a toned body to look beautiful on the silver screen.

  1. Kajal Aggarwal Workout

    Kajal has got a well-toned body. So, it is no secret that the actress works out. The actress works out at Gold's Gym & has taken sometime out to endorse the gym. Like others, her workout routine is also quite exhaustive.

  2. Tamanna Workout Video

    Tamannah does Pilates & workouts on a cross-fit. More than that, she has got a lot of determination. She also trains with dumbbells. However, it is to remembered that both of them, Pilates & cross-fit, aren't to be done without intervals. Given how strenuous both of them are, a lengthy interval is required before proceeding with the other one.

  3. Anushka Workout In Gym

    Anushka put on a lot of weight for Inji Iduppazhagi (Size Zero in Telugu). After the film, Anushka has been working out a lot to lose the flab & become fab once again. Hunk Rana, who is her co-star in Bāhubali, is also helping her out in this weight-loss quest. Watch it for yourself.

  4. Samantha Workout Video

    Samantha's physique changed a lot after her debut. She continually workouts & does weightlifting as well. Her weightlifting capacity is bound to leave you shocked. She appears to be as happy as a puppy after doing the weightlifting. Rana & Rakul also appear in this video.

  5. Rakul Preet Workout Video

    Rakul is an out-and-out fitness freak. Heck, she even owns F45, a gym, in Hyderabad. The actress does the F45 workout which is doing a strenuous workout routine in 45 seconds. Sounds pretty tiring & trying, doesn't it?

  6. Namitha Workout

    Buxom babe Namitha has lost substantial amount of weight by working out. She is longer in that 'overweight' category. Although the entire workout regimen isn't shared, someone has posted a minor portion of her workout.

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  8. Laxmi Rai Workout Video

    Laxmi Rai is another actress who sweats it out like anything. Like other actresses in this list, Laxmi Rai workout is also quite strenuous. A small portion of her workout has posted below.

    Raai Laxmi
  9. Ileana Workout

    The actress, who made waves with her performance with Namban, mentally suffered from body issues. Maybe, it was because of that problem, Ileana has always strived for a bony physique & has succeeded in achieving that.

    Ileana D’Cruz
  10. Trisha Workout

    Trisha's workout routine is quite different from the others. She does yoga & meditation to keep her body fit. The actress, who is 33 years old, has always maintained a slim physique since her debut. Admirable feat, isn't it?

  11. Pooja Hegde Workout

    Pooja's stamina is admirable. Her workout regimen is quite gruelling & the video shows how much of effort she is putting in to maintain a petite figure. You'll be shocked by her gym workout.