Lip Locks Of Regina Cassandra That Are Bound To Raise The Heat

Lip Locks Of Regina Cassandra That Are Bound To Raise The Heat

4 May 18 @ 4:28 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Regina Cassandra, who is one of the girl-next-door heroines, has systematically climbed the rungs of Tollywood. Unlike others, she hasn't restircted herself to one role and has opted for different roles which don't bear much resemblance to one another. However, there is one commonality that has been recurring in most of her roles. Although, most heroines shy away from lip-locks, Regina hasn't stepped away and has continually locked her lips with different heroes. This commonality has earned her the Serial Kisser title which the actress is shying away from. However, she does say that the lip-locks are necessary as romantic stories will appear unconvincing and will flat without them. Nevertheless, those hot lip-locks do turn up the heat and makes things interesting for any hot-blooded youth. To show how convincingly romantic a lip-lock can be, we've compiled all the Regina lip-lock scenes which can be watched below.

  1. Routine Love Story: Kiss #1

    In this scene, Sundeep Kishan toys with Regina for a while and then kisses her lovingly. Although the director stuck a smiley face where their lips-locked, that wasn't enough for the censor board for they later axed the lip-lock completely. Fortunately, the kiss exists in theatrical trailer and that has been posted below.

  2. Routine Love Story: Kiss #2

    At the climax, after fighting about their mistakes, Sundeep & Regina reconcile and they top off their new beginning with a passionate kiss. Unfortunately, the director has decided to defocus the camera while they locked their lips. However, hawk-eyed youths can easily make out that they are smooching.

  3. Power

    Regina steals a kiss from Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja after he has let his guard down in the film. After kissing him, Ravi Teja embraces her and they walk-off. It is better watched than described.

    Regina Cassandra
  4. Ra Ra Krishnayya

    It is a bit difficult to understand as to who is kissing whom. But, the important point is both Sundeep and Regina share quite a steamy kiss and it is quite romantic. On an off-note, I'm not sure why the director decided to include the kids in the scene as they do absolutely nothing but gawk.

    Regina Cassandra
  5. Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitam

    Sai Dharam Tej includes a lip lock scene for his personal satisfaction. Needless to say the scene is quite colourful and will certainly increase your heart rate. However, like Jagapathi Babu observes, it is nothing but a mere distraction from the storyline.

    Regina Cassandra
Regina Cassandra
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