Watch Director Bala Award Winning Movies

Watch Director Bala Award Winning Movies

14 Dec 18 @ 10:47 AM

Bala Pazhanisaamy or Bala needs no introduction when it comes to film making in Kollywood. He is one of the most sorted and widely critically acclaimed film directors who has made a name for himself in a very short span of time. He dropped out of college to become a director not before assisting award winning director and cinematographer Balu Mahendra. He made his directorial debut with ‘Sethu’ in 1999 along with Vikram in the lead. His fourth directorial venture ‘Naan Kadavul’ (2009) helped him bag the National Film Award for Best Director. After directing five films he continues to enjoy a worldwide following and has become an inspiration for many aspiring directors.

  1. Watch Director Bala's- Paradesi - Trailer & Buy DVD Online

    Set in the pre-independence era of the British Raj in 1939, Paradesi is a heartwarming drama of Rasa (Adharvaa), a carefree young man who lives with his grandmother. Rasa falls in love with Angamma (Vedhicka) as he realizes it’s time to earn a living for himself and his grandmother. He along with other villagers leaves for the nearby village to join as bonded laborers in a tea plantation estate. He embarks on a journey of turmoil, suffering and survival which leaves him, his family and the villagers shattered. (Full Length Movie is Not yet available online. You can buy the DVD from-

  2. Watch Bala's Fifth Directoral Venture - Avan Ivan - Full Movie HD

    Bala's Avan Ivan (2011) is a comedy-drama film featuring Arya, Vishal Krishna, Janani Iyer and Madhu Shalini in the lead roles. The story is about two half-brothers played by Arya and Vishal, respectively, who involve in petty thefts. How their lives come at a cross road where things go haywire for them. How they come out of the mess forms the remaining part of the story.
  3. Watch Naan Kadavul (2009)- Tamil Full Movie Directed By Bala

    This action drama directed by Bala is the story of Rudran (Arya) who is left at Kashi as a child by his father. He goes on to become a cannibal. After many years his father gets him back to his village where he meets Hamsavalli (Pooja) and encounters Thandavan (Rajendran) who uses his supernatural powers for vested interests. Bala bagged the National Award for the Best Direction that year where as Pooja bagged the Best Actress Award for Filmfare as well as National.
  4. Watch Bala's Full Tamil Movie Pithamagan Starring Vikram, Suriya & Laila

    Pithamagan (2003) is an action drama written and directed by Bala. The film stars Vikram, Suriya, Laila and Sangeetha in the lead with Simran making a cameo appearance. Vikram and Suriya make a living by dealing in drugs and petty thefts. Due a misunderstanding both become foes as Vikram promises to get back to his honest ways. This film fetched Vikram the National as well as Filmfare Best Actor Award where as it also bagged the Best Film and Director to Bala and Best Actress Award to Laila.

  5. Watch Bala's Nandha Full Film Starring Suriya & Laila

    Nandha (2001) is a social drama film written and directed by Bala, starring Suriya and Laila in the lead with Rajkiran, Saravanan and Rajshree playing supporting roles. The story is about a young man who returns from a juvenile jail after undergoing punishment for killing his father as a kid. How he starts a new life and is accepted by his family and society for the remaining story. Actress Laila went on to bag the Filmfare Award for the Best Tamil Actress for this film.

  6. Bala's Directorial Debut - Sethu Full Movie Starring Vikram, Abitha & Sivakumar

    Sethu is a romantic tragic film written and directed by debutant Bala. The film stars Vikram and Abitha in the lead with Sivakumar and Sriman in supporting roles. Along with other popular awards in various categories Bala went on to bag the Best Director Filmfare Award as well as Tamilnadu State Award for this film.

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