Watch 10 Songs Which Accentuated The Glamour Of Tamannaah

Watch 10 Songs Which Accentuated The Glamour Of Tamannaah

15 Dec 18 @ 10:53 AM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Tamannaah is one of those actresses who made a name for herself within a short span of time. The actress gained a lot of fame in Telugu Cinema with her performance in 'Happy Days'. Since then, she scored back to back hits in various cinema industries. Dubbed by the media as 'Milky Beauty', Tamannaah has been the eye-candy for innumerable fans. Yes, that is right, she has got a commendable amount of fans across India. As the milky beauty turns a year older, we've assorted 10 Telugu songs which defined her beauty to the best extent possible.

  1. Dance Cheyi Mazaga

    Tamannaah gets to show off her dancing chops in the Prabhu Deva starrer Abhinetri. The actress's underwent a lot of training and rehearsed her dance moves innumerable times for to be perfect on the silver screen. Her dance moves are bound to leave you amazed. To sum it up, she gave a spellbinding performance. 

  2. Pacha Bottesina

    What happens when Rajamouli decides to picturise a song around Tamannaah? The result is a masterpiece. The song Pacha Bottesina exhibits the milky beauty dancing rhythmically in eye-popping sets. It's an understatement if one says that the song exemplifies the Tamanna glamour and hotness

    Baahubali (Telugu) S.S. Rajamouli
  3. Ninnu Choosi

    Tamannaah is absolutely adorable in this song. Her smile and looks will steal any guys's heart. No wonder why two guys, in the film, vie for her love. The slow-paced Mickey J Meyer's music goes hand-in-hand with song visualization. But, the director probably didn't work much to portray her glamorously as she is already beautiful.

    Mickey J Meyer
  4. Chatu Matuga

    There is high probability that not many know of the film Vyapari due to various reasons. But, the song Chatu Matuga gained more prominence than film as the Tamannaah shed her girl-next-door image with this sensous slow-paced song. This was one of her first rain songs.

  5. Labbar Bomma

    Tamannaah is absolutely glamourous in this item song. The fiery red dress accentuated her hotness in this item song. Although, it was her first item song in Telugu Cinema, she did it without any inhibhitions. Her dance moves will make you go crazy.
  6. Keka Keka

    Tamannaah's perfect physique was amplified by the saree she wore in this song. The lyrics of this song are full of praises about her beauty. Her captivating looks and her smile will spellbind you for sure.
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  8. Mara O Mara

    The song is picturised on a beach with Tamannaah and Naga Chaitanya dancing seductively. The choreography of this song is bound to pique your interest. The glamorous actress executed her slow-paced dance moves perfectly.
  9. Nachuvura

    Although the 'Badrinath' underperformed, the songs were a hit then. The song Nachuvura is picturised on Allu Arjun and milky beauty with a waterfall in the backdrop. The song has been shot very sensously. The song can be watched any number of times.

  10. Vaana Vaana Velluvaye

    Tamannaah redefines the word sexy with her performance in this song. She and Ram Charan dance to the remixed tunes of the old classic. Although the music is old, the visuals are certainly new. This song is a must-watch if you are a Tamannah fan.

  11. Extraordinary

    This song is entirely about Tamannaah. Dressed in traditional attire, Tamannaah emotes various expressions while Power Star Pawan Kalyan is describing her beauty. Her smile when she looks over her shoulder is priceless. Her performance is this song is truly extraordinary.