Watch 9 Of The Best Mimicry Performances Of Siva Reddy

Watch 9 Of The Best Mimicry Performances Of Siva Reddy

6 Mar 18 @ 11:57 AM

Siva Reddy is the most popular mimicry artist in Tollywood, imitating virtually all the top actors and politicians from Telugu states. He is such a rage among the Telugu audience that many of Siva Reddy mimicry videos have received millions of hits on YouTube. He laces humour into all his performances so immaculately that they are bound to leave the audience wanting for more. Here are some of the best comedy videos of the talented performer.

  1. Siva Reddy Performance At Vajrothsavam Event

    This is one of the most noted performances of Siva Reddy, performed at Vajrothsavam, celebrating 75 years of Telugu Cinema. The artiste’s creativity comes to the fore in this show where he blends the body language of actors with the voice of another in this video where he mimics the voice of all the leading stars from NTR, ANR, Krishna and also the then Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy. It’s a must watch for all his admirers and will leave you in splits for sure.

  2. Siva Reddy Mimicry At Aata Dance Show

    Siva Reddy attended the dance show Aata as a Chief Guest where he was asked to perform on the fly. Despite being an impromptu act, it was one of the best in his career. Anchor Omkar requests Siva Reddy to mimic all the judges of the show and the latter surprises one and all by starting the imitation with Omkar’s impersonations. The satirical session had the judges, anchor Omkar and the audience had a great time, laughing their heads off.

  3. Siva Reddy Mimicry At New Year Celebrations 2008

    This video which has the mimic spoofing the political leaders and actors was at the New Year Celebration of 2008 organised by MAA TV. Siva Reddy imitation of Chandrababu Naidu and YSR participating in a singing contest and actors NTR and Krishna get agitated over their mothers’ deaths in this amusing piece, evoked laughter and tremendous applause from the audience.

  4. TANA Convention

    The NRI audience in the United States were spellbound by this performance of the talented mimic. He takes examples from everyday life and mundane activities and leaves the audience in splits by adding his humour and creativity to them. The mimicry artiste’s showcases his crooning abilities as well by rendering the romantic Hindi song ‘Mere Sapnon ki Rani’ for the audience.
  5. Siva Reddy Mimicry At Vinavayya Ramayya Audio Launch

    This video proves why Siva Reddy is a well-rounded performer as he ensured that the audience roar with laughter with his impeccable imitation of animals like hen, cat, dog and pig. He also reproduces a jeep sound and the best part about the skit is how he interweaves everyday situation into the imitation of animals and lifeless objects to leave the audience in splits.

  6. Siva Reddy Mimicry At Gaddam Gang Audio Launch

    In this audio launch video of the movie Gaddam Gang, Siva Reddy is seen cracking a few jokes with Sathyam Rajesh and mimicking the star of the movie Dr. Rajasekhar. Much to the amusement of everyone, the artiste did the impersonation act in the star’s presence itself.

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