Watch The Best Draupadi Vasthrapaharanam Spoofs That Make You ROFL

Watch The Best Draupadi Vasthrapaharanam Spoofs That Make You ROFL

21 Jan 19 @ 12:34 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Mahabharat is one of the biggest sagas in Indian history. Time and again, many film & serial makers have tried to translate the epic onto the screen. However, some of the film-makers have specifically focussed on the 'Draupadi Vastrapaharanam' as the episode, unintentionally, has a lot of scope for comedy. Although, the episode has been spoofed numerous times, one can agree that the spoofs are never boring as creative scriptwriters add some new element everytime. Listed below are some of the many comical variations of the important episode. (This topic is in no way intended to hurt the religious sentiments as it has been created only for recreational purposes. Please perceive it in that manner)

  • Ramudu Bheemudu

    As expected, Balakrishna gives a compelling performance as the mace-wielding Bheema. After a much ado, Panchali is humiliated. However, due to a funny incident, the Lord Krishna fails to provide the sarees. Watch the video to find out as to why the Lord fails in his rescue mission.

  • Pekata Papa Rao

    Pekata Papa Rao's version of the Draupadi's vastrapaharan is the most different in this list. Instead of gambling with dice, Yudhishtir and Shakuni gamble with cards. And for a change Yudhishtir wins the game. After winning, he does something that is better watched than described.

    Ali Rajendra Prasad
  • Prema Sandhadi

    Ali, as Draupadi, steals the show in this comedy bit. The funny dialogues in this clip will leave you in splits. The dialogue which L.B. Sriram, who is Dhritharashtra here , delivers when Ali pleads him is pure fun. The performances in this six minutes clip will make you laugh your head off.

  • Kabaddi Kabaddi

    Jagapathi Babu is compelled to enact a drama. And after a discussion with his friends, they finalise on the vasthrapaharanam episode. As most of them are village idiots, they decide to make it a silent drama. Their enactment and struggle to make it a success is quite hilarious.

    Jagapati Babu
  • Prema Katha Chitram

    This film was a superhit and this scene is one of the highlights. Although protagonist Sudheer Babu is present in the scene, it is Praveen and Saptagiri who steal show with their witty dialogues. Their conversation is quite hilarious. The ending will spellbind you.

    Praveen Saptagiri
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