Watch 10 Of The Best Sri Lakshmi Comedy Clips From Jandhyala Movies

Watch 10 Of The Best Sri Lakshmi Comedy Clips From Jandhyala Movies

28 Feb 18 @ 5:24 PM

Jandhyala is arguably the best comedy director in the history of Telugu Cinema. In fact, he introduced some of the best comedians to the silver screen, be it Brahmanandam, Suthi Velu or Suthi Veerabhadra Rao. But one actor whose performances in the writer-director’s films stand out is Sri Lakshmi. In fact, her hilarious roles in Jandhyala's films are etched in the audience’s memory to such an extent that her dialogues are used in everyday context to evoke laughter. Here are a few evergreen performances of the actress in Jandhyala’s films.

  1. Jayammu Nischayammura

    Sri Lakshmi’s dialogue ‘Babu Chitti’ is the highlight of the film and is spoofed even today in virtually all the comedy shows on TV. Jandhyala should be credited for Sri Lakshmi’s comic timing throught out the film. Talking of the movie, it’s another rib-tickling comedy from Jandhyala’s stable starring Rajendra Prasad, Sumalatha, Chandra Mohan, Kota Srinivas Rao and Brahmanandam among others. Produced by Prasad G.V.H, this movie has music composed by Raj-Koti.
  2. Bava Bava Panneeru

    The film’s story is about how an ominous man’s plans to marry his wife’s younger sister are thwarted with hilarious results. This funny scene featuring Sri Lakshmi, Brahmanandam and Kota, where the actress try to interlink past life’s relations to the present, is bound to leave you in splits. Starring Naresh and produced by Adusumilli Krishna Rao, the movie has music composed by Charkavarthy.
  3. Chantabbayi

    Sri Lakshmi experiments with poetry and cooking and comes up with weirdest of poems and titles for her food items in this classic comedy. This full length comedy about a bumbling detective starring Megastar Chiranjeevi in the title role also features Suhasini, Jaggayya and Chandra Mohan. The story of the film is adapted from Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy’s novel of the same name.
  4. Srivariki Premalekha

    Sri Lakshmi’s portrayal of a movie-obsessed wife of Nutan Prasad tickled the funny bone of the audience in this romantic comedy starring Naresh, Poornima and Suthi Veerabhadra Rao. Director Jandhyala’s penchant for comedies was at its peak in this movie inspired by Potturi Vijayalakshmi’s novel ‘Premalekha’. The movie was produced by Ramoji Rao under the banner Ushakiran Movies.
  5. Choopulu Kalasina Shubhavela

    The portrayal of a gluttony lady by Sri Lakshmi in this romanctic comedy will evoke a laugh for sure. Especially, Brahmanandam and Sri Lakshmi’s comedy scenes in the movie are a must-watch, Mohan, Ashwini, Naresh and Suthi Veerabhadra Rao star in this movie which has music composed by Rajan Narendra. Jandhyala has leveraged Sri Lakshmi’s acting potential to the maximum in this film.
  6. Rendu Rellu Aaru

    The fact that Jandhyala’s ability to ensure that the audience had a laughathon through his characterisation is proved in the film. This time, Sri Lakshmi plays a horrible singer who doesn’t have an inkling of music sense, but is determined to succeed much to her husband Suthi Veerabhadra Rao's annoyance. Rajendra Prasad, Rajini and Chandramohan star in this movie produced by G. Subba Rao.

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  8. Ananda Bhairavi

    Suthi Velu plays the harried husband of Sri Lakshmi in this movie, where the latter plays the woman with a weird habit of whistling to express her emotions. Director Jandhyala, who moved away from the comedy genre with this film, received the Nandi Award for the best director. Girish Karnad, Kanchana and Harish star in this bilingual which depicts the origin of Kuchipudi dance.
  9. Rendu Jella Sita

    Sri Lakshmi evokes laughter with her portrayal of a demure housewife of Suthi Velu in this film. Naresh, Rajesh, Pradeep, Subhakar and Mahalakshmi play the lead while veteran comedian Allu Ramalingaih is seen in pivotal role in this comedy written and directed by Jandhyala. S Gopal Reddy has handled the cinematography, while Ramesh Naidu has composed the music for the film.
  10. Srivari Shobanam

    This comedy caper featuring Naresh, Mano Chitra, Anitha Reddy, Velu, Sakshi Rangarao, Radha Kumari is directed by Jandyala and produced By M.S.Prasad, while Ramesh Naidu has composed the music. Sri Lakshmi has yet again given a rocking performance in the role of a naïve woman in the film.
  11. Mogudu Pellalu

    Jandhyala’s huomorous take on the marital discord in middle class households, features Naresh and Bhanupriya in the lead. Sri Lakshmi’s performance in the role of a domineering wife of a submissive husband, played by Subhaleka Sudhakar has the audience roaring with laughter. Ramesh Naidu has composed the music for this rib-tickling comedy.