Watch 10 Amazing Stage Performances Of Nandamuri Balakrishna

Watch 10 Amazing Stage Performances Of Nandamuri Balakrishna

10 Jun 20 @ 11:47 AM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Nata Simha Nandamuri Balakrishna, who is often seen as the acting heir of the Legendary actor NTR, is a versatile actor who has won the hearts of every Nandamuri fan. Since his teenage, Balakrishna showed a lot of affinity towards acting and has tirelessly worked for 40 years to become the Nata Simha he is today. In his 4 decade long career, NBK has achieved some feats that no other actor has had the honour to replicate them. As it's difficult to list all them all, we've taken the pain to compile his stage performances which will make you love NBK even more.

  1. As Dhuryodhana at Vajrothsavam

    Balakrishna, who has always loved dramas and supported them, portrayed Dhuryodhana in a mythological drama at Vajrothsavam. The actor's excellent dialogue style intensified the cruel nature of Dhuryodhana. NBK converses with the vile strategist Shakuni in this drama. The part where he angrily flings the message scroll away will leave you spellbound.
  2. Dance performance at Vajrothsavam

    Balakrishna is known for his break-dance. At Vajrothsavam, NBK showed off his impeccable moves by shaking a leg with some T'wood heroines. The heroines, who were much younger than him, had a difficult time to cope up with his agile dance moves. The actor, despite his age, danced without much effort. It's quite remarkable that NBK could dance off with such flexibility. The video finale will definitely raise anyone's eyebrows.
  3. As Sri Krishna Devaraya at Bhuvana Vijayam

    Balakrishna portrayed King Sri Krishna Devaraya in the blockbuster Aditya 369. He donned the role once again at Bhuvana Vijayam. The actor, along with his Thimmarusu (Murali Mohan), arrives into the future and is repulsed by the greed of mankind. He is further appalled by the deplorable state of Kurnool which is struck by floods. He then recites a poem to prove his identity when he meets a man (Paruchuri Gopal Krishna) from the present. What's to be noticed is NBK's flawless diction while reciting this poem. This video is the proof that no actor can parallel NBK in poetry and sloka recitation

  4. Dance performance at Star Night

    Once again, Balakrishna proved that dance is a child's play to him. At the Star Night, NBK danced with Sangeetha to the 'Lux Papa' song. The fluid dance moves of NBK are something that are better seen than described. This video is a must watch for every NBK fan.
  5. As a singer at Spandana

    An energetic Balakrishna sang 'Chalakichupalatho' song at Spandana which was held at Dubai. Despite his inexperience at singing, NBK sang the fast paced romantic number without any inhibitions. After completing the song, the actor effortlessly danced with Kamna Jethmalini to an energetic song from his own film 'Simha'.

  6. As Yamadharmaraj at TANA

    Balakrishna portrayed Yamadharmaraj, the mythological god of dharma, at TANA. He enacted the character in the 'Sathi Savithri' play. His diction and physique gelled well with the character. All one can do is wonder as to why NBK hasn't done the Yamadharmaraj role on the silver screen as he has done with such perfection in this play.
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  8. As himself at Memu Saitham

    NBK participated in a comedy skit where Nata Simha showed off his knowledge on Indian mythology and caste systems. The crowd were in splits by the time the skit ended.

  9. As a singer at Memu Saitam

    Nata Simha sang with gusto at the Memu Saitham fundraiser. He sang two songs both which were well received by the audiences. His performances poured the much required soul into the fundraiser. It's worth noting that his performances were show-stealers.

  10. Tongue twisters at 'Lion' audio launch

    NBK is known for fast, but clear, diction. At the music launch of 'Lion', Balakrishna dumbfounded the audiences and the core cast & crew with some quirky tongue twisters. It's quite a feat to deliver the tongue twisters with such perfection with a voice that hasn't lost its crispness over time.
  11. Catwalk at Mirrors Salon & Spa Launch

    Despite having no experience at modelling, Balakrishna walked the fashion ramp right royally. Without any inhibitions, Nata Simha cat-walked with two glamorous models at the launch of Mirrors Salon & Spa. The ageless actor, effortlessly, became the center of attraction by just walking the ramp. It's truly an honor to catwalk at that age.