Vithika Sheru Breaks Silence On Secrets of Big Boss?

Vithika Sheru Breaks Silence On Secrets of Big Boss?

22 Sep 20 @ 11:30 AM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Reality in a reality show is as much Mysore is there in a Mysore pak. Simple. Most of the thing is doctored. And emotions of the audience are manipulated. A majority of the investment is grabbed through the audience votes. Of course, there are other ways too. But we have to understand that it is our voyeurism and emotional outbursts to the happenings on the screen that make the shows like Bigg Boss successful.

There have been several rumours about the behind the scenes activities of this show. The ex-participants indirectly spill the beans every now and then but none has emphatically put across this point better than Vithika Sheru who participated in the third season alongside her husband - actor Varun Sandesh. Previously Punarnavi Bhupalam too came up with a placard saying that it is her biggest blunder to participate in the show.

Now, Vithika took another step forward saying: Bigg Bosss is a scripted show. Most of the times we put an act on the screen. Sometimes we go overboard with our emotional outbursts to impact the audience psyche so that TRPs will increase. Out of the 24 hours in a day, they show an hour’s worth of edited content. Everything goes according to the audience sentiments.

This comes as a surprise reveal from a well-known celeb (Vithika herself is an actress and her better-half Varun was a heartthrob at one time).

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