Virata Parvam Postponed... Fear Of Corona Or Aranya?

Virata Parvam Postponed... Fear Of Corona Or Aranya?

15 Apr 21 @ 12:10 PM

The super success of Baahubali franchise made Rana Daggubati a pan-India actor. Although he played a negative role, fans loved his character as Bhallaladeva as much as Baahubali played by Prabhas. But it looks like Rana is somehow failing to keep up his pan-India stardom after Baahubali. Although he did a bunch of films in the last couple of years, none of them helped him big. The recent disaster with Aranya came as a big blow to the actor who is avid to experiment. 

Aranya although a good film with a thought-provoking storyline, the narrative floundered making the film bite the dust at the box-office. However, Rana received acclaims for his outstanding performance. The failure of Aranya has crashed the market of Rana and is now indirectly affecting his other release Virata Parvam. The film is a period drama set in a 80s backdrop, and Rana plays a Naxalite in the film. The film also has some noted star cast like Sai Pallavi, Priyamani, and others, and is scheduled for 30th April release. 

But to some reasons unknown, makers have announced to postpone the release due to corona second wave. But insider talks are that makers are confused if the audience will like the subject of the film as the taste of audience changed a lot in recent times. Also, there were talks about high dominance of Sai Pallavi in the film.

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