Vijay D The Liger: Mad Mad Mad Rise Through Self-belief

Vijay D The Liger: Mad Mad Mad Rise Through Self-belief

18 Jan 21 @ 11:50 AM | By GitacharYa

How much can a man grow in his lifetime? How was it possible for a Bill Gates to become the richest person on the planet for the majority of his life? What’s the secret behind the person who doesn't know ABC of either designing or tech behind computers to be remembered as the pioneer of the highest class of modern gadgets? What made Mega Star Chiranjeevi the last biggest star of Telugu Cinema who could actually trump the likes of Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan in many ways as an entertainer if not in absolute mad stardom? 

Self belief. Just 10 letters not including the space. If we include the space, it’s 11. But it spells magic. What if the self belief is backed by mad mad mad passion of achieving something big and growing beyond what’s possible in conventional ways? The answer is the rise of Vijay Deverakonda as a star. A pan-India star. Leaving aside all the sobriquet, box office numbers, and Stockholm Syndrome of the fans, it is Vijay D who is the actual pan-India star behind Prabhas nowadays. In terms of mad love people have towards them. 

How does a youngster from cinematic backwaters of Telangana with no traditional good looks, family background, and no godfathers rise to become the talk of the Tinseltown almost everyday. The man himself has given the answer to this. Only a man sitting on a pinnacle and is looking for another high-rise peak is capable of giving such an answer. Duck with humility. Duck with the talk of who and arrogance. Just look at the man in pure human form. You’ll understand who he was and who he has become. The only bridge is... Mad mad mad self-belief.  He doesn’t need anyone’s endorsement. He himself has become an endorsement. 

What Vijay D The Liger said? Yes, he has just announced his first pan-India movie Liger (a creature which comes from the mix of a lion and a tiger). The boxing backdrop film is the one that has been in the news for a long time and is directed by another man of mad self belief... Puri Jagannadh. 

Just look at the words uttered or written by Vijay D. And savour them. Who knows, your own destiny will scale similar heights if you have such self-belief. Think of Elon Musk and him becoming World’s Richest man in a day. Vijay is set for a long haul. Only he himself can undo him. We hope not.

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