Vakeel Saab: Biggest Hit Among No Means No Films

Vakeel Saab: Biggest Hit Among No Means No Films

17 Apr 21 @ 5:06 PM | By GitacharYa

Around 5 years ago, a small budget film Pink starring Bollywood Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan in a lead supporting role and Taapsee who's till then mostly known for glamourous roles down South released. The film was produced by Shoojit Sarkar and is marketed mostly as a new-age film with one more iconic Amitabh role. Right from the word go, the explosive subject matter and stellar performances of the lead actresses worked out well with the multiplex audience. Pink became an instant classic.

Boney Kapoor planned to remake the film in South Indian Cinema on the suggestion of his late wife, Sridevi. First the Tamil remake Nerkonda Paarvai was made with Ajith replacing Amitabh. The same was used as the star vehicle of Pawan Kalyan in his re-entry.

Apart from high critical acclaim, Hindi film Pink was a blockbuster based on the budget and scale of the film. But the Tamil film went on to gross a bit more India Nett and worldwide gross of the Hindi Original. Inflation adjusted, Pink moves a bit ahead. But Vakeel Saab proved to be an entirely different beast at the box office.

Though the Venu Sriram directorial also starring Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, and Ananya Nagalla faced several issues during its release including the surge of corona second wave, and ticket prices, it went on to collect an India Nett of approximately Rs. 100 Cr. by the end of the first week. with this, even if we adjust for inflation, Vakeel Saab is outright the better among the three No Means No films at the box office. It'll also become a safe venture anytime this evening by reaching the breakeven zone.

Check the below images for box office details of each film.

Pink Nerkonda Paarvai Vakeel Saab
Vakeel Saab: Biggest Hit Among No Means No Films


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