V The Movie OTT Release - Profits And Losses Analysis

V The Movie OTT Release - Profits And Losses Analysis

12 Sep 20 @ 4:01 PM | By GitacharYa

The dust has settled that a big Telugu movie hit the OTTs directly and we had all experienced the frenzy of watching it immediately after it'd gone live. V the movie disappointed the early viewers so much so that by the time the sun rose, the internet was agog with negative and mixed reviews and response. Now as OTTs have given an equal and at-the-same-time opportunity for everyone to watch it, the film opened to huge views. And almost instantaneously the response came out.

Despite the negative reviews, people watched it because it's free to watch with a simple subscription of 999 rupees. And it has Natural Star Nani who's an addiction to the family audience. The movie trended at the top of the OTT viewings for all the Week since its release. So, let's see how the film performed in terms of profits and losses. How and if the producer benefited from the OTT Release. And how beneficial this Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, and Aditi Rao Hydari starrer turned out to be for Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime paid the producer an amount of Rs. 35.44 Cr. officially. After several negotiations and waiver of theatrical release (initially Dil Raju asked for a theatrical release of at least one week when chance arises as Nani was adamant for a theatrical release and not an OTT direct release). Then the satellite rights are sold for about Rs. 8.23 Cr. Now, in a sensational news, it's nearly confirmed through our sources, the Hindi dubbing version rights are optioned at Rs. 8.56 Cr.

The budget of the movie is about Rs. 23 Cr. and Amazon Prime bought it for more than Nani's current theatrical market (hovers at around Rs. 30 Cr.), with satellite and dubbing rights going for fancy prices, Dil Raju surely strikes gold. Leaving aside promotions and other incidental costs (a lot of time is lost in waiting and financiers as you know...) the film fetched a profit of around Rs. 23 Cr. Solid. A Blockbuster result.

Now what if it's released in theatres? Tough to estimate but the distributors may not stand a chance to gain this much of profit and the film would have ended up as a below average to big flop as such a negative talk is tough to overturn. Moreover those who wanted to watch it once because of our Nani and its at home no?, wouldn't visit theatres as it costs... You know... Very high (Rs. 1000+). Dil Raju is shrewd after all.

Verdict: Blockbuster for producer.

What about Amazon? We'll get an idea after three weeks since release. Another post.

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