V the Movie - Amazon Gives Dil Raju A Big Twist

V the Movie - Amazon Gives Dil Raju A Big Twist

5 Oct 20 @ 4:29 PM | By GitacharYa

Natural Star Nani is one of the few prominent actors of this generation who commands amazing fan following and is loved by family audience. He’s owned by one and all. His silver jubilee film V directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti hit the small screens last month (incidentally exactly a month ago) via a direct OTT release. Unfortunately, the film received mixed critical response instantly due to the high expectations.

We have already reported that the movie turned out to be a blockbuster for the makers with double the profits. But what about OTT? As per the general tracking rules, the success of an OTT release (direct OTT, not post-theatrical release) could only be known after the passing of at least 3 weeks or 21 days. Courtesy Nani fans and curiosity factor that such a big star film releasing online with no theatrical release, the movie trended well for the first week.

But later the number of views per day have fallen down. On a positive side, the watch time remained steady. This means those who have no expectations liked the movie better. Still as per our close sources, the movie has clocked the number of viewers equivalent to the number of tickets sold for his previous movie Jersey. That’s a good number but for the price Amazon Prime paid to the makers for OTT rights, the movie didn’t perform well and the streaming giant faced losses.

Now, in a sudden twist, Amazon Prime Video is asking the producer Dil Raju to pay a compensation from the profits he made with the film. They also asked him to consider their future business relationship in solving the problem. In other words, they just demanded Dil Raju to fill the loss-gap due to this film. We have to wait and see how Dil Raju reacts to this. 

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