Bollywood Production Houses Who’ve Been Ruling The Roost

Bollywood Production Houses Who’ve Been Ruling The Roost

14 Jun 18 @ 5:32 PM | By Ravi

Film production houses are important parameters in delivering successful movies. With Bollywood production houses spending more money than ever, audiences have experienced some incredible movies. Most of the film production companies are located in Mumbai, the heart of the Bollywood. In this article, we will talk about some acclaimed production houses.

In 1913, ‘Raja Harishchandra’ the black and white silent movie marked the origin of Indian film industry and since then the industry has emerged diversified, deep, and distinct. Even few Bollywood actors became producers by establishing their own production houses. The more we explore the entertainment world the closer we get to unfold it.

Bollywood is rated amongst the biggest movie producers in the world which churns out nearly 250 films a year. Producing a film in Bollywood is no mean task especially if it’s a big budget flick wherein you’ve signed the top-most cast and crew available in the Hindi film industry. Though Bollywood has witnessed many big banner production houses over the years only a few have managed to survive whereas the rest closed down due the founder’s death or their last ventures failing badly at the box-office.

Off late film production has become a humongous task where so much money is pumped in to make the film a success. Some recent Bollywood production houses have managed to sustain themselves despite delivering a few disasters. These banners have not only produced some good and successful films but also have changed with the trends. So, here is the complete list of Bollywood production houses which helped movies to stand big in the entertainment industry.

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