Tollywood Report Card For The Month Of February, 2017

Tollywood Report Card For The Month Of February, 2017

27 Feb 18 @ 5:52 PM | By Sai

The shortest month of the year, February has come to an end and before we could even realize, we are done with 2 months for the year 2017. After a decent January month with some of the biggest releases, the month of February has been quite a mediocre one for the Telugu film industry. This report card aims to bring forward all the movie releases that happened in the month of February and their performances at the box-office. And those who gave a miss to a few movies in this month, we hope this report card will help you analyze which one you really missed and can possibly catch up in a theatre near you. We will be analyzing basically on three factors, the first weekend collections, average critic ratings and overall verdict of the movie. Here we go!

  1. Ghazi

    Release date :17th February, 2017 

    Average rating : 3.6/5 

    Another landmark movie that the Telugu cinema can definitely be proud of is Sankalp Reddy’s ‘Ghazi’. India’s first submarine war movie, ‘Ghazi’ was scripted very well and executed even better. The credit completely goes to Sankalp Reddy for the vision and grip he had over his script. Giving attention to every minute detail and not confusing normal audience with the complexity of a submarine, the director has neatly narrated the movie. We should applaud even Rana for seeing through the potentiality of this script and for believing in talented makers like Sankalp Reddy who would up the standards of Telugu cinema in the future. This movie is definitely recommended for a watch. 

    Bottom line : Strictly recommended for a watch. Very much worth it!

  2. Nenu Local

    Release date: 3rd February, 2017 

    Average Rating : 3.1/5

    Nani’s first release in the year 2017 was Nenu Local. Though the story had nothing new to offer, it was Nani who was the show stopper and continued to score a double hat-trick with this one. With a careless attitude, the way Nani showed variance in his character compared to his previous movies showed that he is every college goer’s hero. The current generation of college goers have been floored by his easy natural acting and has been gaining a lot of following with every film since ‘Yevade Subramanyam’. Nani is currently having a dream run of his career. Its 10 days collections grossed Rs 42 Cr and the movie stands as the biggest earner in Nani’s career so far apart from Eega

    Bottom line : Nani’s show all the way! Definitely worth your time in the hall.

    Nenu Local
    Nenu Local
  3. S3 – Yamudu 3

    Release date: 9th February, 2017 

    Average rating: 2.9/5

    The third installment from the ‘Singham’ franchise, S3 was quite racy in terms of screenplay like the previous ones. However, the conflict and story was not all that great when compared to the previous ones. Suriya continued to give his best and so did his opponents in the movie. Though it was a dubbed movie, the movie opened to decent crowds in the Telugu states and Suriya did not disappoint as the fierce cop. Just that there was nothing novel or special about this third part. However, it had a record breaking opening weekend and collected close to Rs 25 Cr overall. As per the latest reports, the film has crossed the 100 Cr mark in just 6 days and impressed by its BO performance, Suriya even gifted his director Hari a Fortuner. 

    Bottom line : Strictly for action lovers. Watchable for once!

  4. Winner


    Release date : 24th February, 2017 

    Average rating : 2.7/5 

    Sai Dharam Tej from the Mega camp looks to eye only the Mass audience. His similar mannerisms and reprising scenes of his uncles are the ones he is banking on. Though the plot laid in the initial 15 minutes into the movie might seem interesting, somewhere down the movie, one starts to get a déjà vu of the happenings. Targeted properly at the mass audience, Gopichand Malineni looks to have done a half-hearted job. On the flip side, it isn’t all that bad. You go to movies for entertaining and this one has everything to entertain you. The movie also had the biggest opening in Sai Dharam Tej’s career. So far, the first weekend collections look to be pretty strong at Rs 16.3 Cr gross and has moved into a strong second week. 

    Bottom Line : If you want to enjoy a proper masala flick, then go for it.


  5. Om Namo Venkatesaya

    Release date: 10th February, 2017 

    Average rating : 3.1/5 

    Nagarjuna’s much awaited devotional drama Om Namo Venkatesaya hit the theatres in the second week of February. With the master of devotion, K Raghavendra Rao helming the project and some great visuals comprised with excellent VFX, it was a treat to watch Nagarjuna as Baba Hathi Ram, an ardent devotee of Lord Venkateswara. However, it was Keeravani who couldn’t live up to the standards of Annamaya or Sriramadasu with his tunes. In-spite of great reviews and decent treatment by Raghavendra Rao, due to lack of any intense scenes, the movie couldn’t manage to pull in much crowd. It is doing a fair business at the moment and in times where a movie barely stays for a month, the fate of the movie looks to be a tough one. 

    Bottom line :If you are devotionally inclined, this is a perfect treat you shouldn’t miss.

    Om Namo Venkatesaya
    Om Namo Venkatesaya
  6. Kanupapa

    Release date : 3rd February, 2017

    Average rating : 2.9/5

    The complete actor Mohanlal's much acclaimed movie under the direction of Priyadarshan 'Oppum' was dubbed into Telugu as 'Kanupapa'. This crime drama faired pretty well in the Telugu version mostly for the outstanding performance of Mohanlal.

    Bottom line : It is definitely a safe and worthy watch.

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  8. Yaman

    Release date : 24th February, 2017 

    Average rating : 2.8/5 

    After ‘Bichagadu’, Vijay Anthony has got a decent market in the Telugu states. Though his previous movie ‘Bethaludu’ was below average, the trailer of ‘Yaman’ seemed interesting. The movie is a political thriller but narrated at snail’s pace. If you ignore that slow paced narration which has a lot of Tamil flavour to it, one can give merit to this film. Though it looks like a tough game ahead for this film atleast in the Telugu states after opening poorly. 

    Bottom line : If you ignore the slow pace, it’s a decent one time watch.

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