Tollywood Production Houses Which Were Owned By Big Telugu Producers

Tollywood Production Houses Which Were Owned By Big Telugu Producers

11 Jun 18 @ 3:42 PM

A filmmaker may conceive an idea, work on it, and expand it into a script by using his imagination. Imagination solely doesn’t do anything. For a film to roll out, someone has to bankroll it. That someone is a producer. Ever since filmmaking started in India, and then in Telugu language, producers who stood behind the production of a film and distribute it and take it to the theatres for the audience. Everything depends on the economic power, flow of finances, and availability of resources. There comes the studios and production houses, which finance and make resources available for filmmakers to shoot and realise a movie.

Telugu producers from the beginning were recognised as some of the most powerful and biggest in Indian Cinema. Telugu production houses and studios produced numerous films, and made Tollywood the second largest Indian film industry behind Bollywood and sometimes surpassed it in sheer numbers. India’s biggest film, Baahubali, is made possible by a Tollywood production house. India’s best film Mayabazar was produced by one of Tollywood Top producers in the 1950s. Corporate tie ups with national and international media houses made Telugu Movies having pan-India appeal. Telugu film producers stand as the leaders of South Indian Cinema.

The following list shows the top Tollywood production houses that are producing films for India’s second biggest film industry.

  • List Of Tollywood Production Houses

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