Tollywood Heroes Who Were Brave Enough To Don Lady Getup

Tollywood Heroes Who Were Brave Enough To Don Lady Getup

5 Dec 18 @ 4:08 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Actors go to great lengths to please the audiences. Most of them go the extra mile and transform themselves unrecognisably. Speaking of unrecognisable, some of the prominent actors in Tollywood amazed the audiences by donning female avatars. Yes, these Telugu heroes have been bold enough to don lady getups. They pulled off their roles with aplomb and have managed to impress the audiences and critics alike. Let us take a look at those actors who acted as women in some Telugu films.


  1. Srinivasa Reddy Lady Getup In Jamba Lakidi Pamba

    Comedian turned hero Srinivasa Reddy is impressing the audience with his unique and different scripts as a hero. He is one of finest actor of Tollywood and is all set prove his acting skills once again with the film Jamba Lakidi Pamba in which he will be seen acting as a lady. Srinivasa Reddy's acting in the trailer of the film is already getting thumbs up from the critics as well as the audience.

    Srinivas Reddy in lady get up from Jamba Lakidi Pamba
    Srinivas Reddy in lady get up from Jamba Lakidi Pamba
    Srinivasa Reddy
  2. Naresh Lady Getup In Chitram Bhalare Vichitram

    Popular actor Naresh donned the lady getup in Chitram Bhalare Vichitram. Words fail to describe Naresh’s splendid performance. His confident feminine performance is both enviable and hilarious. The scene where he smokes a cigarette dressed up as a woman is just pure fun. His performance garnered him a Nandi award.

  3. Harish Lady Getup In Oho Na Pellanta

    Harish portrayed a youngster who ran away from his home. To protect himself from his father’s clutches, he assumed the identity of a woman. However, he was hounded by a guy who fell in love with him (this lover loves Harish’s feminine identity). On a whole, this false identity story gels really well with the story. The scene where Harish gets up and looks at his reflection, after assuming the feminine identity, is really well directed.

  4. Rajendra Prasad Lady Getup In Madam

    What happens when a versatile actor is handed a feminine role? Well, the answer is this Rajendra Prasad movie Madam. This Singeetham Srinivas directorial had Rajendra Prasad, who dressed up as a woman due to some reasons. However, a man falls in love with him. From here after the movie becomes entertaining as he tries to protect his identity and ward off his ‘lover’ from marrying him.

  5. Kamal Haasan Lady Getup In Bhamane Satyabhamane

    Kamal Haasan is known for his experiments. One of his successful experiments was Bhaama Rukmini (Avvai Shanmughi in Tamil).This K. S. Ravikumar movie is heavily influenced by a Hollywood blockbuster, Mrs. Doubtfire starring Robin Williams. However, the movie had enough to keep the viewers laughing. The movie was so successful that Kamal Haasan directed its Hindi remake, Chachi 420

  6. Chiranjeevi Lady Getup In Chantabbai

    Chiranjeevi had earned a name for himself by the 80s’. However, he shed aside his on-screen image and performed a feminine role in Jandhyala’s directorial, Chantiabbai. In this movie, James Pond (Chiranjeevi) dresses up as a woman and dances with Suhasini Mani Ratnam. Chiranjeevi was spellbindingly beautiful in his appearance. From a feathered bonnet to a white gown, Chiranjeevi accessorised himself as any fashionable woman would. It was a gaping wonder that a successful hero such as him performed a feminine role without any inhibitions.

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  8. Allu Arjun Lady Getup In Gangotri

    Allu Arjun took a risky move by playing a feminine role in his debut movie, ‘Gangotri’. In this Raghevendra Rao 100th directorial, Allu Arjun plays the role of a teenage boy who comes across his childhood friend, Gangotri (Aditi Aggawal). Gangotri expresses her doubts of passing an academic examination. Allu Arjun helps her out by impersonating her. He does this by wearing her dress and a plaited wig. He decides to take the impersonation a step further by dancing & singing with a teacher in the song Mavayadhi Mogalturu with Allu Arjun dressed as a girl was hilarious.

  9. Ali Lady Getup In Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila

    Versatile comedian Ali was cast as a hero in the superhit ‘Yamaleela’. After that movie’s success, he has handled various roles. In 2006, he proved the point that he can pull off a woman’s role as well. In this comedy entertainer, Ali is an assassin who decides to kill his target by impersonating as a woman. The paisa vasool moment in this movie is when Duvasi Mohan starts writing a love letter to this impersonator while sitting underneath a tree. Ali, coincidentally comes to the same tree to answer the nature’s call. That is when Duvasi Mohan discovers that he is in love with a man dressed as a woman. Shocked, he loses his voice. This movie was absolutely hilarious. It enjoyed a good run at the theatres.

  10. Sumanth Lady Getup In Emo Gurram Egaravachu

    Sumanth continued his grandfather’s legacy of performing feminine roles. Wearing a white saree and a wig, he danced for the song Sampangi Puvvu. His dancing style and his confidence while doing this part are admirable. Apparently, he was initially hesitant about this part. But, after realising that his grandpa, ANR, performed feminine roles in various plays, he did it without further ado.

  11. Kamal Haasan Lady Getup In Dasavatharam

    After his success as Bhaama Rukmini, Kamal Haasan played a feminine role once again. He is once again an old brahmin woman, as ‘Bhaama’ was. However, he isn’t a nanny this time. Only this time, he is a Lord Krishna devotee. This old woman gets caught up in an international bio-weapon heist. Despite being old, she handles it well. This movie is Kamal Haasan’s fourth collaboration with director K. S. Ravikumar.

  12. Manoj Lady Getup In Panduvulu Panduvulu Tummeda

    Manoj is known for his death defying stunts and also for his macho roles. In 2014, he added another feather in his cap by performing the seductive womanly role titled ‘Mohini’. He goes ahead and seduces various men to fall in love with her ( or him). Though he is straight, he does all this to marry his lady love (Praneetha Subhash) which he does at the end.

  13. Balakrishna Lady Getup In Pandurangadu

    Balakrishna got to show off his versatility when he donned the feminine role in Pandurangadu, The veteran is decked with ornaments in a crucial scene. However, it ends every soon for the moviemakers morphed Balakrishna into Tabu within a moments of his makeover.

    Balakrishna In Pandurangadu
    Balakrishna In Pandurangadu
  14. Vishal Lady Getup In Vaadu Veedu

    Vishal dresses up as a woman in for a country song. He effortlessly pulled off the moves. The actor can easily pass off for a village belle.

    Vishal In Vaadu Veedu
    Vishal In Vaadu Veedu
  15. Vikram Lady Getup In Mallana

    Vikram impressed the audiences with his female getup in Mallanna. He dons the getup to teach some drunkards a lesson when those alcoholics ask the God to send a voluptuous woman. Infuriated, Vikram dresses as a woman and bashes them all while dancing. Yes, he fights them off while dancing.

    Vikram In Mallanna
    Vikram In Mallanna
  16. Sivakarthikeyan Lady Getup In Remo

    In the film, to get a meaty role by hook or crook, Sivakarthikeyan becomes a lady nurse when Tamil director K. S. Ravikumar, who is in the film too, tells the comedian that his next film's protagonist is a woman. Post-transformation, he gets lucky with a woman on whom he has a crush on. Sivakarthikeyan was lauded by the critics for his performance as a woman.

    Sivakarthikeyan In Remo
    Sivakarthikeyan In Remo
    Remo (Telugu) Sivakarthikeyan