Time To Move Towards Mythological Stories in Film Making?

Time To Move Towards Mythological Stories in Film Making?

8 Feb 21 @ 5:57 PM | By Shiva & Bindu

Indian mythology has deep-set roots in Telugu cinema. Almost all the veteran stars like NTR, ANR, SV Rangarao, Kantha Rao, etc. had also given importance to mythological films apart from the commercial entertainers. But gradually, this genre was ignored by our senior stars and current generation actors. Although we saw few films by Balakrishna like Sri Ramarajyam, Gautamiputra Sathakarni, etc. In recent times, there is not much focus on this genre. But Rajamouli's Baahubali has proved that cinephiles always welcome films that eulogize kings, queens, and the Gods.

Banking on that success formula, Rebel Star Prabhas announced Adipurush and Gunasekhar is bringing the whimsical love story of Shakuntala and Dyushanth to celluloid with the film Shaakuntalam.

The success of both films can pave a golden path for mythological films in modern cinema. We hope our filmmakers shift their focus to this ignored genre, as producers are also ready to spend lavishly for making magnum opuses.

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