This Is When Rajamouli’s Film With Superstar Mahesh Starts

This Is When Rajamouli’s Film With Superstar Mahesh Starts

6 Jun 20 @ 1:08 PM | By Team Pycker

Though there is no official announcement, Darsaka Dheera S. S. Rajamouli himself announced that his next film after RRR will be with superstar Mahesh Babu. Several speculations started to make rounds as to what the genre will be and how Rajamouli projects the most handsome hero of Telugu Cinema. Apart from that, an enthusiastic fan even created a poster with Mahesh as Lord Rama for a film on Sri Ramayanam.

Okay! Now as per our insider sources, it is revealed that the film will start in early 2022.

‘Why that long?’ you may ask. Let’s check realistically. RRR won’t release until Summer 2021. Meanwhile, Mahesh is ready to start Sarkaru Vaari Paata once things get cleared. After that, we’re sure Rajamouli will spend enough time on promoting RRR post-release and will take time to lock the script. If RRR hits the screens on 28 April 2021, at least it’ll take 6-8 months for the star director to roll his next film. That’s where the theory that it’ll go underway in early 2022.

Meanwhile, Mahesh will be looking into doing another film in the interim. So, it’s not SSMB28 but SSMB29 that’s going to be Rajamouli directorial.

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