This Horror Film Made A Couple Patch Up Their Relationship

This Horror Film Made A Couple Patch Up Their Relationship

16 May 20 @ 1:26 PM | By Team Pycker

Yes! You heard it right! A horror movie has restored the relationship of a couple. The couple who indulges in arguments every day, and decided to part ways had changed their minds after watching this movie. It also helped them to know the true meaning of a relationship and turn a new leaf in their life. What is that film? How did it help them restore their relationship? Here are the details.

Released in 2018 in Hindi, Pihu is a thriller drama based on true incidents. It is a story of a couple who often get into arguments. One fine day, after husband leaves for an office trip, the wife commits suicide. Their 2-years old daughter gets trapped in the house and what the kid goes through until her father comes back can be the worst nightmare any parent can have.

Pihu which squeezes our hearts and sends shivers down our spines till the very end of it, also gives a hard-hitting message the terrors kids go through when they lose their parents at a tender age where they don't even know what life and death are. After watching the film, the couple realized the mistake they made and decided to leave the past and start life anew. Not only them, but the film is also a wake-up call to many such couples who try to part their ways and also to the doers and victims of domestic violence.


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