These 7 Takes On Death By RGV Will Make You Understand Life Better

These 7 Takes On Death By RGV Will Make You Understand Life Better

6 Mar 18 @ 5:22 PM | By Srinivas Kondra

Death is inevitable. And it is the most interesting and intriguing subject to discuss on. From the age-old saints to modern day philosophers, everybody tried to explain about the horrifying instance of human life. As death brings immense sorrow to the loved ones, what happens to the one who dies is the biggest mystery. Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who is called as cracked genius, has given his take on ‘Death.’ His understanding of human life, societal structure, and traditional institutions is undoubtedly undebatable. In the thirteenth episode of ‘Ramuism’ series, RGV talked about ‘Death’ and how he sees it. This gist of the episode will give you an understanding of death and how to psyche yourself to face it. Interviewed by anchor Swapna, the programme was aired on Tollywood TV channel. 

  1. It Is All About Thoughts And Feelings

    To understand death, one must know what life is in the first place, what it comprises of and what is it being alive. Life for me is all about feelings and thoughts. And the body is just an outside entity. My body dies but my thoughts won’t.
  2. You'll Be Remembered For Your Thoughts

    You will be remembered for contributing your thoughts but not for mere physical existence. That is the reason bodies keep dying but thoughts continue to remain the form of books or an art
  3. Humans Are Scared Of Unknown More Than Known

    We are scared of unknown more than known no matter how powerful the known is. And death is the most unknown. It just terrifies you.
  4. Psyche Yourself To Face It

    Death is inevitable. As long as you cannot avoid it, the only way is psyche yourself face it without succumbing to the mental trauma.
  5. Souls Don't Jump In The Graveyard

    People say R.I.P without meaning a single letter in it. Souls don’t jump in the grave if you don’t ask them to rest. And moreover, peace is needed for living humans, not for the dead bodies.
  6. Sudden Death Is Beautiful To Occur

    Sudden death is definitely a beautiful thing to occur and a boon too for it rules out the fear of dying.
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  8. Respect The Deceased

    Respect the deceased one by remembering what all best he/she did in their life rather crying with sad faces at the funeral.