The Other Side Of Cinema: Beyond Glitz And Glamour

The Other Side Of Cinema: Beyond Glitz And Glamour

18 Jun 20 @ 2:29 PM | By Bindusri Meduri

Cinema usually connotes to entertain us, but apart from providing entertainment, a lot more is happening in the industry. From nepotism to casting couch, there are many hidden dark secrets which rarely comes to light. While it is a cakewalk for star kids to enter the industry and find feet for themselves, the same is not the case with outsiders who aspire to shine in the industry. 

Cinema is mostly a commercial art. Hundreds of crores are gambled every year, and the success ratio barely touches 20%. Except for a few fortunate, it is the hardest path one takes to achieve their dream of becoming an artist. One has to go through many struggles to keep their fame and stardom alive.

As people look at the celebrities even when they are off from work, they need to maintain a bloated look to grab the attention of paparazzi (else it will be a PR disaster) and fans (prestige issue). Also, it has become a must for actors to arrange parties and other events for co-stars, directors, and other filmy members to maintain a friendly relationship, else the fear of losing offers haunts them.

Female actresses will be asked for commitments and go through abuses, but raising a voice against it might cost them their career. Considering all these, the glitch and luxurious lifestyle we admire is not really what we see, but we need to look between the lines to know the truth.

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