The journey of Uday Kiran - Success, Failure, and The Tragic End

The journey of Uday Kiran - Success, Failure, and The Tragic End

26 Jun 20 @ 12:16 PM | By Satya Srinivas

Uday Kiran - This super charming actor who was a sensation in the early 2000s and came without any filmy background might have lost his fight to depression, but he is an inspiration to many aspiring actors. He was born 40 years ago today, and he still lives on among us with his terrific movies.

The Success:

Uday Kiran who was still in his teenage made his debut with Chitram as a skinny young person. But Reema Sen, the lead actress grabbed all the attention because of her glamorous look. Uday who did not get many offers teamed up with Chitram’s director once again for Nuvvu Nenu and since then there’s no looking back in Uday Kiran’s career for many years. He soon became the new poster boy of Tollywood, ℅ address for youthful love stories. After half a decade and half dozen movies, something went haywire in his career and his personal life.

Personal Life:

Uday Kiran first fell in love with a journalist and went into a relationship and eventually broke up with her because of different personal interests. It was his first downfall in his personal life according to Uday’s elder sister. At this time, Chiranjeevi was very supportive and even Uday also had a lot of respect for him. Later, Uday was engaged to Chiranjeevi’s elder daughter but after the engagement, the marriage was called off on a mutual agreement.

The Downfall:

After his Tamil debut, Uday Kiran’s career started falling apart. Because of the effect of the setbacks in his personal life, Uday failed to choose films that are worth his talent and time. Eventually, he tried different things to be back on track but he could not do it successfully. 

Depression and the Tragic end:

Uday Kiran was a brave person who faced many obstacles right through his personal life and career. After working hard and emerging as a young star hero too he was still the simple man with a kind heart. The way he interacted with his fans is simply heartwarming.

But, like many actors without a filmy background, Uday had no idea how to cope up with the string of flops he was facing. After facing multiple setbacks in personal life too, Uday slipped into depression. In 2014, on January 5th, Uday killed himself at the age of 33. There ended a chapter in Telugu Cinema. That was the end of a talented actor who was never recognized and encouraged by the so-called godfathers of Telugu Cinema. Talk about Nepotism! The ruthless society and Telugu film industry did not deserve a person like Uday Kiran and wherever you are, we are sorry Uday.

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