The curious case of

The curious case of "Calling Out" only women

25 Sep 20 @ 2:32 PM | By Divya Nair

Virat Kohli drops a catch..and yes it is because of his wife Anushka...Bollywood takes drugs.. yes it is because of top heroines who are branded drug peddlers. Delving deeper, we found that people blame only women for all problems in the world. We can't but fail to notice how easily men get away for crimes they commit but women are scrutinized by every Tom, Dick and Harry even for things they are not involved with. There is a character assassination and netizens lavishly hurl abuses on family members especially on the women and girl children of another. It is the anonymity on social media that is motivating wimps to harass others from behind their curtains. Why do netizens believe that the misfortune befell on men because of the women? Aren't the so-called stronger gender man enough to decide on their own or are they easily influenced by the so-called fairer gender? 

As superstar Shahrukh Khan's daughter Suhana pointed out Misogyny is not only conscious hate towards women, it's also subconscious conditioned hateful behavior towards women. You don't have to consciously think you hate women but ask yourself why when a woman does something you feel more triggered than if it was done by a man. High time the male celebs shut down unsolicited comments if they are targeted at their loved ones. Forget feminism, equality, women empowerment, nothing changes unless both genders curtail the unruly behavior and distance those uninvolved in the issue.

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