The Blip In Sonu Sood’s Charity - Media’s Over-enthusiasm To The Fore

The Blip In Sonu Sood’s Charity - Media’s Over-enthusiasm To The Fore

27 Jul 20 @ 2:38 PM | By GitacharYa

Sonu Sood’s voluntary acts of helping many unfortunates since the lockdown have become stuff of legend. He almost single handedly helped hundreds of people who were on a walkathon to their own places during the early stage of the lockdown. He even helped those who were stuck in the foreign countries and helped unite families especially those from the lower-strata of the society.

Of course, he was appreciated but there were talks that he was helped by those who want to unrest the Maharashtra government. There were comments from Maratha politicians to that extent. But they’re baseless as Sonu has not only helped those in Maharashtra but also those who came into his notice from the other regions. Apart from this, his own life as a migrant coolie before he became a star also played a big part in his appreciable charity work.

But there is a blip in this story which has happened yesterday. A video and photograph of a farmer named Veeradallu Nageswararao from the village of Mahalrajapalle in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh went viral as he was ploughing in his farmlands with his daughters as he has no Oxen. When it came to the notice of Sonu Sood, he instantly promised a set of oxen but by the evening he send a tractor to the said family thinking they deserve better help.

His great work which indeed is appreciable was praised by those who came across this news. But there’s this other side of the coin. The family was not a poor one. Rather, Mr. Nageswararao was a Lok Satta MLA candidate in the 2009 elections. He’s also a human rights activist and is the principal secretary of the HRC of the district. Apart from being a comparatively well to do family, they are also beneficiaries of the AP State Government’s various policies.

The MPDO (Mahalrajapalle Village comes under Kambhamvaripalle Mandal Parishad) of the area clarified that the media reports of the family being an impoverished one are false. They had done this as a voluntary act. The parents of that family wanted this to be a sweet memory for their daughters to cherish. He also said that the issue going viral is NOT the family’s fault. And Sonu’s act shouldn’t be taken out of context. It’s just an unexpected coincidence which went the other way. The family is said to have acknowledged this and is returning the tractor.

To conclude, the media needs to fact check before publishing something. If another repeat of such things happen, truly deserving candidates may not get timely help. Surprisingly, an astute leader like Chandra Babu Naidu had fallen to the media reports. His act of appreciating Sonu Sood via a personal phone call is indeed a good gesture. But knowing what happened after he promised to help educate the girls, it is better political leaders should act only after fact-checking. Else, they’ll be labelled publicity mongers for no fault of theirs.


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