The 5 Titles Of PSPK27 - Krish Reveals Mystery?

The 5 Titles Of PSPK27 - Krish Reveals Mystery?

22 Sep 20 @ 4:49 PM | By GitacharYa

Power Star Pawan Kalyan who became Jana Senani left the film industry after Agnyaathavaasi in 2018. Now he’s making his comeback with Vakeel Saab which should already have been released this summer but thanks to the on-going Corona pandemic all his quick release plans disrupted. He also committed to multiple films. As per the official announcements on his birthday, he already has schedules packed till 2022 and 5 films in the pipeline

Apart from the Bollywood film Pink remake Vakeel Saab produced by Dil Raju, tasteful filmmaker Krish’s film which is tentatively titled PSPK27 is almost certain to be rolled out soon. The epic period film is going to be a pan-India film. Several titles are in circulation for this film right from Bandipotu to Gajadonga to Viroopaksha. 

While Viroopaksha is said to be almost confirmed, suddenly another title cropped up in rumour mill. As per the latest industry grapevine, the movie will be titled as Om Shivam which is both powerful and has a pan-Indian vibrancy. So, we can rule out Bandipotu and Gajadonga as they are Telugu names and need to be altered when releasing in other languages. Our guess is Viroopaksha too sounds well for a pan-India film and also has a mysterious effect to it.

But now, after another week (this is an update), the writer of the film, Sai Madhav Burra who closely worked with director Krish for a long time, has apparently revealed the title. Antarvaahini. As stated earlier in this post, Antarvaahini too has a mysterious vibe and need not be changed for other languages. As Krish himself shared this on his feed too, we can all but be assured of this as the finalised title. That is... unless an official announcement is made to the contrary.

Titles Rumoured To Be In Consideration For PSPK27
S. No.  Rumoured title 
1 Bandipotu
2 Viroopaksha
3 Gajadonga 
4 Om Shivam
5 Antarvaahini (Antharvahini)


Vakeel Saab (PSPK26) PSPK27 PSPK28 PSPK29 PSPK30 (not officially confirmed)
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