Telugu YouTubers Who Deserve A Pat On Their Back!

Telugu YouTubers Who Deserve A Pat On Their Back!

5 Mar 18 @ 4:44 PM | By Satya

YouTube has given a lot of scope to talented people to show their talent to the audience. Many YouTubers around the globe provide a lot of interesting and entertaining content through their YouTube channels. Coming to our Telugu YouTubers, there are many people and teams who are striving to make their mark. Few people and teams have managed to impress lakhs of Telugu people with awesome concepts and content. Here’s a list of such YouTubers who deserve much more than just subscribers and views - a small appreciation for entertaining us.

  1. Jahnavi Dasetty - Mahathalli

    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Mahathalli aka Jahnavi Dasetty is Telugu people’s favorite YouTuber. Every week she comes up with a video on an interesting topic. It is not an easy task to get over 6 Lakh subscribers in a span of just 2 years. The best thing about her is her magical voice. Even if the content is a little weak she can manage it with her presence and spontaneity. She also acted in few films, short films and also won the SIIMA award for 'Best Actress in a Supporting Role'.

  2. Suhas Lucky

    Suhas started his career as an actor at and he got instant fame with a video in which he imitated how singers act in audio launch events. He then appeared in short videos and a web series Nenu Mee Kalyan produced by the same team. His performance is ‘The Athidi’ is one of the best performance Telugu people ever witnessed. He is surely an actor to watch out for as he has got unique comedy timing as well as loads of acting talent.

  3. Vikram Aditya

    Vikram Aditya must be considered as one of the best Telugu Youtuber. He has got over 7 Lakh subscribers to his Youtube channel. He picks unique and interesting topics, does a lot of research before posting the video in which he explains the topic. He does not go overboard, keeps things so simple that even a layman can understand a complicated topic clearly. No wonder he got so many subscribers!

  4. Harsha Chemudu - VIVA

    Harsha popularly known as VIVA Harsha is probably the most famous person on the list. He shot to fame with the popular short video VIVA which has over 14 Million views as of now. He got opportunities in films and started his career as a comedian in Tollywood. But he didn’t stop acting in short films and YouTube videos. He, along with his team upload videos every now and then which are quite entertaining and are on next level in standards. The entire team must be appreciated for their efforts in providing high-quality content.

  5. Sandeep - Masala Sundeep

    Masala Sundeep is one of the content writers at Chaibisket website and he also writes scripts for their videos. He has got a command and knowledge on Telugu Cinema and he proved it with his articles. Now, he is more focused on scripts. He is one of the best upcoming writers to watch out for. His writing in the micro-drama The Athidi speaks volumes about his talent and that is the reason he deserves a place in this list. He is also a good actor and appeared in few videos. 

  6. Prudhvi Raj - Chicago Subbarao

    This America based Telugu YouTuber comes up with videos based on situations faced by Telugu engineers in the United States of America. His videos have loads of spontaneous comedy, realistic and interesting incidents. He is slowly making his presence felt and gained over 100K subscribers.

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  8. Dheeraja - Dilkush Dheeraja

    Dilkush Dheeraja is another NRI who does videos for Chaibisket. She is like mini Kamal Hassan of YouTube. More than anything else she impresses with her variations in looks as well as her unique performance in every avatar. She has got over 50K subscribers on YouTube in very less time.

  9. TNR - Frankly With TNR

    TNR is an interviewer, but he is on this list because he has got his unique following for his interviews. He works for Idream Media, there are many other anchors who take interviews in that organization but TNR’s interviews get more views. Few of his interviews are over 2 hrs but still get lakhs of views, this just shows how interestingly he interviews celebrities. Looks like he does a lot of research before interviewing a celebrity and also he has good knowledge about them.