Telugu Star Weddings Which Show That Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Telugu Star Weddings Which Show That Marriages Are Made In Heaven

14 Dec 20 @ 12:53 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Marriage is an occasion which brings together not just two people but two families. The ceremony's atmosphere is upbeat and jovial. On the same context, the Tollywood stars have done their best to take these ceremonies to the next level. Given their ties with the film industries, these marriages bring together not just two families but many Tollywood celebrities.

The matrimonies are taken so seriously that the parents of both sides leave no stone unturned in their preparations. These expensive celebrity marriages can be seen as a benchmark as to how grandly one's marriage should happen. So, we've compiled the wedding videos of the Telugu heroes & heroines. Go ahead and pick your favourite celebrity wedding video.

  1. Niharika Konidela And Chaitanya's Wedding Video

    Niharika Konidela got hitched to Chaitanya in a destination wedding at Udaipur palace on 9th December 2020. The wedding was held as a private event with only the mega family and some near and dears, including close family circles in attendance. The pre-wedding celebrations were held on a grand note and are filled with a lot of joy.

    Niharika Konidela
  2. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Wedding Video

    Naga Chaitanya and Samantha - The Most Loved Celebrity Couple Of Tollywood in this generation got married in 2017. Their wedding happened in two traditions and it was a star studded fairy tale as one would expect it to be. Check out their wedding video below.

  3. Kalyan and Srija Marriage Video

    All the emotions were encompassed in this wedding video. The bride was all smiles throughout this video and the groom looked like he as handsome as a film hero. The dance of family members and holy ceremony contrast perfectly. Plus, the some of the frames which were captured in slow-motion added depth to this ceremony.

  4. Manchu Manoj Marriage Video

    Manoj's wedding decoration gave off a traditional feel for the mandapam was ornately designed. Unlike his silver screen self, Manoj was quite attentive and followed the rituals as obediently as a schoolchild. Manoj's outfit deserves a special mention for it gave him a regal look. Among the recently married Telugu actors, Manoj's wedding was one splendid one. 

  5. Ram Charan Marriage Video

    Ram Charan married his childhood sweetheart Upasana Kamineni, daughter of the Apollo Hospitals chairman Prathap Reddy. The decorations are bound to boggle your mind for they are spectacular. The event's atmosphere was charged with energy and emotions. Overall, it is one of the finest weddings ever that took place in the Mega family.

  6. Allu Arjun Marriage Video

    Allu Arjun's wedding caught the attention of many. One of the many reasons was because most thought it was a inter-caste love marriage. However, unbeknownst to many, Arjun's marriage was a arranged one and it was quite a wedding. To describe it in one line, it looked like a fairy tale wedding.

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  8. Jr. NTR Marriage Video

    NTR's decision to marry Laxmi Pranathi raised the eyebrows of many for it was a sudden and unexpected decision. The ceremony was abuzz with film and political celebrities. The decorations showed that the newly weds firmly believed in god for the setting, which was like a temple, was interspersed with idols. Take a look at this marriage video of NTR Jr. and Pranathi and guess it should answer everything. 

  9. Allari Naresh Marriage Video

    Allari Naresh's wife was as tall as him and they complimented each other. Their marriage was attended by nearly every eminent celeb. As expected, the marriage was quite upbeat and many people thronged to bless the newly-weds. The wedding took place at N-Convention, HITEC City.

    Allari Naresh
  10. Aadi Marriage Video

    Aadi is one of the latest heroes who've tied the knot before becoming 30 years old. Needless to say the wedding was quite grand. Rest assured, the wedding took place in a filmy style. The wedding featured a Sangeeth ceremony and our hero arrived on a chariot to his wedding. Quite a wedding, isn't it?

  11. Aryan Rajesh Marriage Video

    Aryan Rajesh had a quite a colourful wedding. From film stars to his family, everyone attended the wedding. The smiles of the newlyweds are quite something. The ring fetching competition is something that shouldn't be missed.

  12. Genelia D'Souza and Riteish Marriage Video

    Since god knows when, both Riteish & Genelia have denied their love affair at every chance they got. However, they contradicted their own statements by marrying one another. Many Bollywood & political celebrities attended their marriage. They married twice, once as per the Hindu tradition and the second one was as per the Christian tradition.

  13. Geetha Madhuri and Nandu Marriage Video

    Singer Geeta married Nandu at Shubham Convention, Nagole. Their marriage was quite eventful and was filled with joy. The decorations, although simplistic, were vivid. The groom's cheerful mood elevated the wedding to a new level.

  14. Nani Marriage Video

    Nani's wedding was flooded with joyous emotions. The setting was well-lit & it appears that the decorators have drawn some cues from the Varudu wedding set for it bears some resemblances to it. Unlike Varudu, the bride wasn't abducted and the newly weds embarked on a new journey.

  15. Raja Marriage Video

    Raja's wedding was relatively a low profile one. He married Amritha in a church as per the Christian traditions and the wedding was attended by some political & film celebrities. The manner how they fed the wedding cake to each other showed their unprofessed love for one another.