9 Telugu Movies Based On Swami Ayyappa

9 Telugu Movies Based On Swami Ayyappa

8 Dec 18 @ 2:01 PM

Swami Ayyappa is a Hindu deity whose abode is based in Sabarimala in the state of Kerala. He is also known by the names Sastavu and Manikandan. Millions of devotees visit his holy shrine in Sabarimala to witness the annual event of Makara Jyothi and seek his divine blessings. Among his worshippers are film stars, sportspersons and politicians. He has inspired his devotees to such an extent that movies have been made eulogising his divine aura. Here is a list of films depicting the Ayyappa cult.

  1. Saranam Saranam Manikanta

    Saranam Saranam Manikanta is a Telugu devotional movie directed by K Shankar. Sarath Babu, Vishnuvardhan, Jayapradha, M N Nambiar, Thara. etc. played the lead roles in this film. Music Composed by M S Vishwanathan. Produced by V Swaminathan. The film revolves around the devotees who surrendered themselves to Lord Ayyappa.

  2. Ayyappa

    Ayyappa is a Telugu devotional movie that revolves around Ayyappa devotees and an Ayyappa Deeksha is completed. Sai Kiran, Deekshit, Gundu Hanumantha Rao, Kavya and Madhuri played important characters in this movie. The film is produced, written and directed by S. M. Praveen. He also composed the music of this film.

  3. Swami Ayyappa

    Swami Ayyappa is a devotional movie starring Vijayakanth, Prabhu, Sudha Chandran etc. The film is directed by K.Shanker. M. S. Viswanathan composed the music of this film. The movie revolves around the devotees of Ayyappa, and how Swamy Ayyappa teach a lesson to the arrogant and help devotees.

  4. Ayyappa Makara Jyothi (1988)

    This devotional movie extolling Swami Ayyappa is about the most significant event at Sabarimala, ‘Makara Jyothi’, which falls on January 14. The story revolves around the Makara Jyothi lamps and the devotees who are in awe of their beloved deity Swami Ayyappa. Directed by NS Suresh and produced by Kishore, this 1988 release stars Prem Nazir, Nizhalgal Ravi, Sripriaya, Charan Raj, Pandiyan and Rekha, while Dakshinamoorthy has composed the music.

  5. Ayyappa Swamy Mahatyam (1989)

    This 1989 movie starring Sarath babu, Shanmukh Srinivas, Chandra Mohan, Giribabu, J.V.Somayajulu, Eshwar Rao and directed by K.Vasu legendary composer K.V.Mahdevan has scored the music. The movie revolves around a monk (Sarath Babu) who turned as Ayyappa Swamy devotee enlightens people around him about the greatness of Swami Ayyappa and urges them to wear the mala. He also narrates several anecdotes to his disciples to prove the power of Ayyapa.
  6. Ayyappa Swamy Janma Rahasyam (1990)

    This mythological film directed by Renuka Sharma is about the mystery behind the birth of Lord Ayyappa. Produced by V. Ganapathi and R. Subramanyam, the music for this film has been composed by K.V. Mahadevan. This movie which released in 1988 encapsulates the childhood and adolescence of the divine persona Manikandan, as Lord Ayyappa is fondly referred to and also depicts the magical powers bestowed upon him and how he harnesses them to spread divinity in the universe.
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  8. Ayyappa Swamy Mahimalu (2006)

    Director Raviraja has hit the bull’s eye with this attempt to showcase the power of faith and how miracles happen when one surrenders to God. Produced by Nanda Kishore Gilda, the movie dealing with the devotees of Lord Ayyappa is about the victory of good over evil, where Lord Ayyappa showers his blessings upon his ardent devotees and helps them in their times of distress. Released in 2006, the film which provided a ray of hope to humanity and eulogized the power of unflinching belief has music composed by Pradeep Ravi. Here is the link to the playlist Ayyappa Swamy Mahimalu.

  9. Ayyappa Deeksha (2006)

    Suman, Sivaji and Rami Reddy star in this film centred on the piety and spiritual significance of the ritual of Ayyappa Deeksha. Directed by P.C. Satya Reddy, Prem has given the tunes for this theological film. This movie was released in 2006 when the devotees follow the 41-day ritual abstaining from worldly comforts and visit Sabarimala to seek the divine blessings of Lord Ayyappa. It highlights the procedures and customs the devotees adhere to during the period.
  10. Sabari Girisa Ayyapaa (2009)

    Sri Padmanabha has produced this movie on Swami Ayyappa starring Shivaji Raj, Pooja, Krishna Bhagwan and Rangnath. P.V. Ramana has called the shots for the film which was released in January 2009 coinciding with the Makara Jyothi event. It depicts the lives of Swami Ayyappa devotees and the kind of spiritual wisdom they imbibe in the divine aura of the lord. The director drives home the point that this enlightenment will eventually transform the lives of the followers.