Telugu Directors Who Also Created A Buzz With Short Films

Telugu Directors Who Also Created A Buzz With Short Films

11 Jun 18 @ 4:08 PM

Short films have become the new trend with the advent of the internet and social media. In fact, of late these short films have turned into virtual auditions for people who aim to make it to Tollywood. But it’s not just the youngsters who aspire to enter the film industry that are coming up with short films. The short film bug has bitten the established directors as well with many of the prominent ones trying their hand in this new phenomenon. Here’s a list of Telugu directors who have directed short films.

  1. Ram Gopal Varma

    Maverick Director Ram Gopal Varma does what he is best at - surprising people with his films. This prolific film-maker has directed a short film featuring actress, TV show host and fashionista Lakshmi Manchu. With an unusual title A day in the life of Lakshmi Manchu’s feet, this 2 minute-film revolves around the actress’ feet has music and sound designed by Seshu KMR.

  2. Vamsy

    Known for films like Manchu Pallaki, Ladies Tailor and April Okati Vidudala, director Vamsy is considered one of the most prominent directors of the 80’s in Tollywood. This National Award winning filmmaker also donned the hat of a composer, scoring music for films like Joker and Kannayya Kittayya. The first short film Letter directed by him which depicts love and relations of this generation features Sathya Dev, Harsha and Krishneswar Rao.

  3. Sukumar

    This award-winning director famous for films like Arya, Arya 2 and the 2014 psychological thriller 1: Nenokkadine is known for bringing in novelty to the Telugu Cinema. He has directed a though-provoking short film I Am That Change featuring Stylish Star Allu Arjun on the latter’s request. Bunny himself produced the 3-minute thought-provoking short film was released on the eve of Independence Day in 2014.

  4. Deva Katta

    This mechanical engineer turned filmmaker has directed movies like Vennela and Prasthanam, which have a cult following. The latter which won the Filmfare Best Critics Award has also been screened at the panorama section of the International Film Festival of India. Deva Katta has directed his first short film Valasa in 2003. His second short film, Dying to be me, a two minute-film made for Independence Day this year highlights women empowerment.

  5. Mohan Krishna Indraganti

    Making his debut with the 2005 film Grahanam which won the National Award and also the Nandi Award presented by the Government of Andhra Pradesh, this director created a niche for himself in Tollywood. Mohan Krishna went on to make films like Ashta Chamma, Golconda High School and Anthaku Mundu Aa Taruvatha which impressed both the audiences and critics alike. He also directed a 37 minute-short film named Chali.

  6. Chakri Toleti

    This child actor made his debut in the 1983 classic Sagara Sangamam directed by K. Viswanath. He made his directorial debut with the Telugu-Telugu bilingual Eenadu starring the legendary Kamal Haasan. He directed a 15-minute silent short film Unread which was released in April 2014 on Youtube.

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