Telugu Art Directors Who Created Visual Wonders With Movie Sets

Telugu Art Directors Who Created Visual Wonders With Movie Sets

11 Jun 18 @ 3:31 PM

Art plays a prominent role in the visualization of a story in the form of a movie. It creates atmosphere, gives mood, and shows the surrounding details of a scene. Art directors are the creative artists who help visualize a story by a filmmaker, and underscore its meaning. They translate the creative concepts of filmmakers into realities for the moving image and all manner of narrative designs. Their work eliminates the need to say a million words by creating worlds. Art work in Telugu Movies achieved lasting success right from the very beginning. In recent times, some of the art directors from Telugu Film Industry won National acclaim for their work. The following list shows the list of art directors that are working in Tollywood.

  • List Of Telugu Art Directors:

    • Ashok Koralath

    • Brahma Kadali

    • Kiran Kumar Manne

    • Vithal K

    • Bhupesh Bhupathi

    • Dharmendra (art director)

    • Joseph Nellikkal

    • TN Prasad

    • Manisha Satyavolu

    • Ramana Vanka

    • DRK Kiran

    • Rajeevan

    • Sahi Suresh

    • Narayana Reddy

    • NorthStar Entertainment

    • Shivam Rao

    • Nagendra Babu (art director)

    • Krishna R (art director)

    • Raghu Kulkarni

    • Kolla Avinash

    • Ramanjaneyulu

    • Rupin Suchak

    • Kranthi Priyam

    • Chinna (Art Director)

    • Srikanth Ramisetty

    • Gandhi Nadikudikar

    • S Ravinder

    • Anand Sai

    • Chanti Addala

    • Sabu Cyril

    • Murali Veeravalli

    • A.S. Prakash

    • Lalgudi Ilayaraja

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