11 Telugu Actors Who Best Portrayed Lord Sri Krishna On Screen

11 Telugu Actors Who Best Portrayed Lord Sri Krishna On Screen

28 Feb 18 @ 5:48 PM | By Vamsee Ajjampudi

Before Tollywood became one of the largest entertainment industry in India, it underwent many iterations. In its initial stages, the Tollywood was filled with various mythological movies. which were mostly well received by the audiences. Later, Tollywood underwent a sea change when it shifted its focus from mythological to mass appeal movies. However, the influence of those yesteryear mythological can be seen till today. Speaking of mythology, Lord Krishna is one of the most of the frequent mythological personality that a Tollywood cinegoer will see. From NTR to Pawan Kalyan, various actors have portrayed Sri Krishna. Here’s the list of actors who’ve portrayed the discus wielding god:

  1. S. Rajeswara Rao in 'Sri Krishna Leelalu'

    Salur Rajeswara Rao was a famous Tollywood music director. Before he became a renowned music director, he acted in a few movies. He debuted as Lord Krishna in Sri Krishna Leelalu. The movie is about the Sri Krishna’s battle with King Kamsa. Famous Pingali Nagendrarao wrote the dialogues for this movie. Chitrapu Narasimha Rao directed this Pinapala Venkata Dasu production.
  2. NTR in various movies

    Nandumari Taraka Ramarao performance as Lord Krishna elevated him to whole new level. His deft performance in 'Vinayaka Chavithi’ led the movie makers to recast him as 'Sri Krishna in nearly all the Mahabharatha related movies. His appearance in 'Mayabazaar' and 'Sri Krishnavataram' are one of his best performances as Sri Krishna. His Lord Krishna’s performance is seen as a benchmark in Tollywood.

  3. Raghuramaiah Kalyanam in 'Sri Krishna Maya'

    Raghuramaiah portrayed Lord Krishna in this devotional movie. The movie is about Narada’s devotion for Lord Krishna. Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Jamuna were the lead actors of 'Sri Krishna Maya'.

  4. Kanta Rao in 'Narthanasala'

    ‘Kathi’ Kanta Rao portrayed various mythological roles. He portrayed Lord Krishna quite a few times. He first portrayed Sri Krishna in ‘Naratansala’. The movie focuses on the Pandavas exile in Viraat’s kingdom. For a change, the sword wielding hero portrayed the discus wielding god.
  5. Shoban Babu in 'Buddhimanthudu'

    Tollywood’s heartthrob Shoban Babu was cast as Lord Krishna in ‘Buddimanthudu’. The movie focuses on the relation between Sri Krishna and Madhavayya, a priest. Their relation is disturbed by his atheist brother. The rest of the movie is about Madhavayya’s attempts to restore the relation back to normalcy. Shoban Babu’s glamorous persona gelled well with this movie’s on-screen role. He also played Sri Krishna's role in 'Kurukshetram'.
  6. Ramakrishna in 'Yashoda Krishna'

    Ramakrishna portrayed the dark-skinned god in ‘Yashoda Krishna’. The movie captures Sri Krishna's journey from his childhood to manhood. It captures the adorable relation between Yashoda, Lord Krishna’s foster mother, and Sri Krishna. Ramakrishna also portrayed Lord Vishnu and Lord Venkateswara in this movie. The relation between Yahsoda and Kishanji is emotionally moving.
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  8. Rajendra Prasad in 'Kannaya Kittaya'

    Rajendra Prasad plays a dual role of an selfless devotee and as a Lord Krishna. Due to some circumstances, he criticises Lord Krishna. Saddened, Lord Krishna descends from his abode and decides to repair broken relation. The rest of the movie focusses on how they go about repairing their relation.

  9. Sunil Sharma in 'Radha Gopalam'

    TV actor Sunil Sharma portrayed Lord Krishna in a contemporary manner. The movie focuses on Sri Krishna’s and Gopalam’s relation. In this movie, the Lord undos Gopalam’s misogynistic errors. The movie was directed by Bapu. Mani Sarma composed the some melodious tunes for this movie.
  10. Nagarjuna in 'Krishnarjuna'

    King Nagarjuna gave Lord Krishna a new dimension. He portrayed Sri Krishna in a very stylish manner. In this movie, Sri Krishna is shown as a fitness freak who has a sense of humour. He comes to the rescue of an​ innocent devotee who is being discriminated by vile people. His casual portrayal of Lord Krishna was very different from the previous on-screen portrayals of the god.
  11. Balakrishna in 'Pandurangadu'

    Nata Simha Balakrishna played a duel role in this movie. One of his roles was Sri Krishna which was well directed. Balakrishna, who is known for his versatility, delivered an exceptional performance as the Lord. Relatively, he was at ease when he has portrayed​ the god’s role when compared to his other role in this movie.

  12. Pawan Kalyan in 'Gopala Gopala'

    Power Star Pawan Kalyan portrayed the god’s role in ‘Gopala Gopala’. The movie was remake of Hindi movie ‘Oh My God’. The role was certainly different from his previous roles. Despite being an off-screen superstar, he portrayed the role in a humble manner. His portrayal was a treat to his fans as they gave ‘haarathi’ to him when he appeared as Lord Krishna on the silver screen. The song where he shakes a leg with Victory Venkatesh, who is the other lead actor of this movie, is a visual treat to his fans and others as well.