Telugu Actors Who Have Become Part Of Telugu Vernacular

Telugu Actors Who Have Become Part Of Telugu Vernacular

25 Nov 20 @ 4:05 PM | By GitacharYa

Every time we come across the word Suryakantam, an image of a middle-aged or older woman photo flashes before our eyes and we associate that image with only one thing, a mother-in-law who’s a shrew. Such is the impact the actress with the name created on  the Telugu people that no baby girl is generally named Suryakantam.

The word which actually refers to a sunflower, has changed its meaning in Telugu vernacular. But people fondly remember that actress just like they remember their grandmothers or great aunts is another matter.

Similarly, when anyone encounters a thin and lean person that person is usually referred to as Ramana Reddy. Ramana Reddy is one of the comic legends of Telugu Cinema. But for Telugu people, Ramana Reddy also means a thin or skinny person.

Telugu cinema has created a huge impact on the lives of people of Teluguland. The film dialogues have become part and parcel of our daily lives. But the names of actors becoming synonymous with various things and then becoming part of vernacular appears to be quite unique. We cannot even properly translate our feelings. So the images are presented with Telugu text.

Mahesh Babu Kota Srinivasa Rao Rami Reddy Sridevi Kannamba Chiranjeevi Nagabhushanam Vijayashanthi Bhanumathi Superstar Krishna Sobhan Babu Ramana Reddy Suryakantam Nagaiah
Telugu Actors Who Have Become Part Of Telugu Vernacular
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