Tarak Gets An Offer He Couldn't Refuse... From An... Anti-fan?

Tarak Gets An Offer He Couldn't Refuse... From An... Anti-fan?

30 Jan 21 @ 4:08 PM | By GitacharYa

One hero does a good deed. Or sometimes post something he thinks will give kick to his fans. It'll be savoured and shared by them obviously. But anti-fans being anti-fans, they take advantage of some loophole and try to troll the said hero.

We cannot exactly say if this happened. But it's plausible and is spreading all over Internet. Young Tiger NTR was slapped with a challsn by the Telangana Police for crossing the speed limit. It's quite natural. We know that Challans can be paid at a later date but as it's a celeb issue, the news came out that NTR didn't yet pay his speeding challan. A fan quickly jumped into action and paid the amount (these are days of internet).

Some diehard fans of Tarak say that one of the fans who saw a picture of NTR on internet and commented that what a speed. That lead attention to this speed driving challan. And an anti-fan took advantage of it.

whatever the version, the gist is Tarak was slapped with a speeding challan and a gut paid it on his behalf. Now, that fan/anti posted to N. T. R. and requested him to give two tickets for RRR first day first show. Not just that, he even mentioned the theatres he would like to watch the Darsaka Dheera S. S. Rajamouli film which also co-stars Ram Charan and Aliya Bhatt. The theatres are: Mallikarjuna or Bhramarambha.

It has led to a tweet and meme fest: everyone started asking for tickets in one fun way or other. And some others openly regretting using such a chance.

Let's end this on a fun note. In a huge coincidence, the amount mentioned in the Challan is Rs. 1035. If we add up all 4 digits...

It makes 9.

Jai NTR Komaram Bheem!

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