Tarak And Ravi Teja - Are These Only Capable Of Multiple Roles?

Tarak And Ravi Teja - Are These Only Capable Of Multiple Roles?

6 Aug 20 @ 6:13 PM | By Gitacharya & Jilani

Playing multiple roles is one of the most important parts of an actor’s resume as it gives them scope to explore different shades of acting in a single film. Even playing characters with multiple shades will also give them opportunities to explore the unexplored in their repertoire. Once the earliest double role or dual role films are nailed by filmmakers, sky is the limit.

When it comes to playing multiple roles in a single film (triple and more), the benchmark is Dana Veera Shoora Karna and the legendary NTR. He played Karna, Duryodhana, and Srikrishna apart from producing and directing the film. But among the actors who played triple roles, no one comes close to superstar Krishna who played triple roles in a whopping 8 films. But what about the current generation stars? We have seen a drastic reduction in even dual roles.

Young Tiger N. T. R. has taken a big risk and pulled it off spectacularly in Jai Lava Kusa - playing a triple role with all characters as different as possible. Among the others in Telugu, Ravi Teja nailed three different shades in Amar Akbar Anthony. If we leave aside the box office result of the film, Ravi Teja proved that how good an actor he is and how competent he is in showing variety.

For a man who pulled off double roles with ease as a child star, superstar Mahesh has yet to test the same as a lead actor. Why our star heroes are averse to playing multiple roles? Do they feel it risky? Are the writers incapable of writing such stories? Or the stars unwilling to spend much time getting into the skins of multiple characters with different shades? Or the perceived difficulty in doing such roles?

As of now, it’s only Tarak and Ravi Teja who pulled off multiple roles/multi-shades roles in recent past. Will we be able to witness such from our stars in future?

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