TamilRockers: The Hub Of Online Movie Piracy

TamilRockers: The Hub Of Online Movie Piracy

15 Feb 19 @ 5:30 PM | By Team Pycker

Tamil Rockers! Or TamilRockers.

How Tamilrockers go uploading movies when their URL is blocked? They go with various domains. God knows how many domains are under them! Here are some websites used by them. New domains start to crop up once a previous website is shut down by the authorities. The search for Tamilrockers new site goes every day as new domains get added as the old ones are blocked. 


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How Tamilrockers Admins Are Updating The Users With New Links

Despite numerous blocking, They still releasing movies for downloading online. People still not stopped searching for the website as it is still operating and released movies even very recently as talked above. The search term used by the people are #TamilRockers twitter. It seems that the men behind this are updating the fans via various Twitter handles.

TamilRockers websites
S. No.  TamilRockers Websites
1 tamilrockers.la
2 tamilrockers.be
3 tamilrockers.cc
4 tamilrockers.ac
5 tamilrockers.net
6 tamilrockers.vc
7 tamilrockers.com
8 tamilrockers.re
9 tamilrockers.gr
10 tamilrockers.li


The extent of TamilRockers

A word or the combination of a couple of words has an unprecedented demand among the people who have a computer and an internet connection in India. The words that terrorize the film industry. A surrealistic 36 million (3.6 crores) searchers. Tamil Rockers has become the one-stop solution who wants to watch pirated movies.

Every day, the Google search Engine witness the search for watch free movies online. Despite the availability of various legal websites to watch and download movies, the search goes on for Tamilrockers Telugu movies, Tamilrockers Tamil movies, free movies download and what not! No day ends without someone searching for pirated content, especially movie downloads.

As cinemas are the biggest time pass for millions of people, websites like these are born every day or reincarnate. Though there are websites like movierulz which is a hub for online piracy, tamilrockers have got its own prominence, especially in the South Indian states.

And how and, In what way they bring movies within a few hours to their clickers? There’s a big story here.

But to make it short, Tamil Rockers rocked the South Indian Film Industries to no end. Whenever the film personalities threatened or asked them not to pirate their movies, Tamil Rockers challenge the concerned persons that they will upload the movie simultaneously with the release of the movie or within a few hours of the movie hitting the screens.

But why?

The Demand

One word answer. Demand. Movie going people decreased to an extent of 65 percent of what it was before 1990. Of course, the increase in population may show increased numbers, but what we are talking about here is the ratio. Families are not gracing the theaters like they did a few years ago.

The rise of ticket price is not the exact logical answer. Even in the old days when there were no other entertainment venues, at least fans tend to buy tickets for a high price, and there was always the problem of black tickets. Ticket price is only one of the many reasons for the increase in piracy sites like Tamil Rockers and youth favorite KickAss Torrents (KAT) and other torrent sites.

Of course, talking of ticket price, adjusted for inflation, an amount of 100 or 150 may not appear high but incidental costs like popcorn which costs about 200, or cool drinks and water bottles with a base price of 60 add to the burden when a middle-class family visits a multiplex. Single screen theaters have gone the way of unicorns. Means nearing their extinction.

How TamilRockers work?

Now, coming to Tamil Rockers, how can they get the prints? In what way they upload the content? The simple answer is they make deals. Deals with those who work in preview theaters for a copy, or with the Worldwide Film Distribution technology. There are different ways. But that is not the question. How to stop piracy? How, when and if sites like Tamil rockers stop?


Piracy not going to stop soon

As of now, torrents downloading and online piracy sites are not going to stop anytime soon. As said by an alleged Tamil Rockers former member, if there is no demand, sites like this, and piracy will vanish. But is it possible? Like easy money, free goods always attract people.

There is numerous news written that a member of a Tamilrockers site is arrested or one of the admins is caught by the police with help of… well, leave it. But the site or the sites are still live. Google seems to have blocked all things related to Tamilrockers from appearing in their search results? Is Google the only search engine available to the netizens?

Direct searches like Tamil Rockers will give exact results when searched from search engines like Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yandex (why not, by the Russian search engine?). Don’t people know to directly hit tamilrockers.net?

Tamilrockers Admin Arrest:

Kaala Movie Stream, Leak and Tamilrockers Torrents: 

Kaala was released on June 7th worldwide and in a big surprise to everyone, a person in a theatee in Singapore streamed the movie live on Facebook on the very first day. However, Vishal was quick enough to react and get that man arrested. However, an HD quality print of Kaala was uploaded on Tamilrockers on the release day. Fans of Superstar Rajinikanth and movie lovers requested Vishal and Dhanush to take quick action.

Admins have later deleted that video but this incident shows how big and the network is. We will have to see how and when Tamil Rockers will be stopped.

TamilRockers strike again with the leakage of Sunny Leone's biographical web series which is being published by ZEE5. The notorious Tamil Rockers uploaded the well acclaimed Sacred Games by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane. The web series which talks about the life of Karenjit Kaur who used the screen name of Sunny Leone from the American Porn industry to her entry into Bollywood

Not long ago, TamilRockers leaked the mass film Seemaraja starring Sivakarthikeyan and Samantha. Not just tamilRockers, the film was the target of almost every online piracy website as it stars big names and a project with craze. Everyone naturally wants to have a sneak peek at the movie. The leak certainly affected the business of the film which unfortunately received mixed critical response. Similar incidents are happening across the industries what with a bunch of online piracy hubs the world over. As quick as the concerned persons in acting against the piracy, it is not just the individual efforts that help. A collective action must be taken but keeping the best interest of the audience in the minds.

Tamilrockers have released Vijay's Sarkar and Aamir Khan's Thugs of Hindostan on their site and there was a speculation that Tamilrockers have eyed on the big budgeted and much-hyped action entertainer 2.0. It was heard that they are planning to release the pirated version of the film.


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