SV Krishna Reddy - Rajendra Prasad: Golden Combo On Cards Again?

SV Krishna Reddy - Rajendra Prasad: Golden Combo On Cards Again?

2 Oct 20 @ 10:02 AM | By GitacharYa

It was comedy hero, legendary Rajendra Prasad who gave a big break to the rookie S. V. Krishna Reddy back in the early 1990s as a director. S. V. Krishna Reddy was unconventional. He wanted to become an actor but accidentally became a music director with the previous movie of Rajendra Prasad - a film (Kobbari Bondam) which was made by his friends. He didn’t assist anyone and has no hands on experience in filmmaking. 

Rajendrudu Gajendrudu was a pathbreaking film that came out of their collaboration. The dialogues of the film are still part of our vernacular and daily communication. The comedy in the film was unique even when compared to Jandhyala school, and is not vulgar unlike the trend of those times. Rajendrudu Gajendrudu went on to become a blockbuster. Next came Mayalodu which became an even bigger hit and completed silver jubilees. 

But later, Rajendra Prasad didn’t collaborate with S. V. Krishna Reddy. There were several rumours about tiffs between them. After all these years, SVK cleared the air in the ETV Talk-show Alitho Saradaga. He said: I’ll always be thankful to Rajendra Prasad. He had given me life as a filmmaker when no one in their right mind could take such a risk of believing in a guy like me who has no experience. We just traveled in different paths later

He even revealed when Ali questioned that currently he’s following Rajendra Prasad’s progress as a senior character artiste and would love to work with him again. And then came the biggest surprise and a great news. SV Krishna Reddy is currently working on a script for Rajendra Prasad. He will play the role of a father in this comedy film in the lead role. He said hopefully the film will start pretty soon if everything goes well.

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