Sushant's Tragic Death, Can This Be An End To Nepotism?

Sushant's Tragic Death, Can This Be An End To Nepotism?

25 Jun 20 @ 5:26 PM | By Bindusri Meduri

Nepotism is a deeply entrenched culture in every filed, where the talented lack the opportunities and were put aside to promote the family legacy. It does exist everywhere, but why is it more stressed in the film industry? It is because, while it is only up to a certain negligible level in other fields, we can clearly catch the sight of it in the film industry, especially Bollywood. 

Most of the current generation Bollywood stars like Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, etc. are the products of nepotism. It is not a fault to be a star kid and take up the legacy of parents in acting. But, getting an easy entry into the industry, and gaining offers even after a string of flops, is what makes them face the ire. Cinema is a form of art meant for entertainment, and everyone should get a fair chance to prove their acting skills, and every industry should open the doors for outsiders who dream to entertain the audience. 

The untimely tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput has sparked a debate on nepotism, and several came out bringing their stories to light. But, will this put an end to it? May be or may not be. It is aware that his death has certainly put many star kids in trouble. One perfect example to it is noted filmmaker Karan Johar thinking to back off from many star kids projects for the time being. Even if this provides a window for talented outsiders to get a chance to prove, how long will this last? After a couple of weeks or even months, people will forget about Sushant's death and all these talks, debates over nepotism. Everything will be back, and so the nepotism. It is sure a never-ending issue, and only revolt against it can make it better.

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