Sushant vs SRK - What Really Happened? What Aditya Has To Say?

Sushant vs SRK - What Really Happened? What Aditya Has To Say?

21 Jul 20 @ 1:00 PM | By Gitacharya

The tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput helped several people kick the hornet's nest of nepotism and favoritism in the Hindi Film Industry aka Bollywood. There was a lot of hue and cry about nepotism and the way a few privileged in the industry treat the outsiders. It was very apparent that Sushant was mistreated to an extent and was made fun of even when he was not quite comfortable with the jibes aimed at him.

But this doesn't mean all was bad. He was given chances. It is in this same industry he rose to become a fan favorite. Leaving aside all things that are widely discussed, here we look at one of those things that been widely forgotten but often commented upon without knowledge. It was: Sushant was the protagonist in legendary filmmaker Shekhar Kapur's dream project Paani.

Shekhar Kapur posted about Sushant and expressed his grief for not being able to help him completely. The stories ran in such a way that Sushant was being forced out of the project by Aditya Chopra. Aditya Chopra who is rarely seen in the media in general. Kangana has spoken so much about him lately and also revealed that Aditya Chopra stopped Sushanth from working in a Shekhar Kapur film. The said film is obviously Paani. After being in the pre-production phase for about a year and a half, it was put on hold by Aditya. Meanwhile, Sushant was forced out.

Now, as per the clarification given by Aditya Chopra's team, Shekhar Kapur failed to produce a single page of the script but increased the budget. As Sushant's market potential was below that of the required investment Aditya asked Shekhar to rope in Shah Rukh Khan. But Shekhar left the project after this.

One question that bothers us is: Shah Rukh may still be a big star but he has only one film that Grossed 400 Cr. And if the film is good enough, Sushant too will carry it on his shoulders. If we leave aside emotions and think clearly, Aditya didn't force Sushant out of the project but asked for a better marketable star with an increase in budget. But he should have listened to Shekhar Kapur and trusted Sushant with the project as Shekhar is a master filmmaker.

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