Suicide Of K-Pop Sensation Sulli Sparks Debate On Cyber Bullying

Suicide Of K-Pop Sensation Sulli Sparks Debate On Cyber Bullying

15 Oct 19 @ 2:43 PM | By Nancy Gupta

Are we making this world a better place to live? Every day we should ask this question and implement changes accordingly. With so many burning issues like cyberbullying, online criticism, race hatred, rape, mob lynching, and many more, every day we are making the world a terrifying place to live for us if not for others.

When the internet was introduced, the sole purpose was to connect people, but it seems to be doing the opposite somehow. We try and connect to people, but we are still far away from the real connection. With the internet, we also invite online bullying, harassment, and cyber crimes to our homes. Someone sitting behind the computer screen miles away from you can bring a positive or negative impact on your life. It is one thing to have an opinion, and one thing to impose that opinion forcefully or hatefully on others. Cyberbullying can cause severe depression.

Every day we come across such events where teenagers coping up with cyberbullying are committing the heinous crime of taking their own lives. This doesn't end, and the chain grows bigger every day. Now the latest victim of cyberbullying is Korean Pop Star Sulli (Choi Jin-ri). The 25-years-old singer-actor was found dead at her residence.

We can call that Sulli was ahead of her time, the brilliant outspoken natured Sulli, was often criticized online. The bold and beautiful Sulli believed that women should have the right to expose their bodies as they like. And her this outspoken thinking made her victim of many critics. One can never think what runs in the mind of anyone. We can never understand what Sulli went through, and what made her take such a huge step. In 2017, it was Sulli's close friend K-pop star Jonghyun also committed suicide and now her.

If we look at the Indian celebrities, then it is no different, the situation remains the same! Celebrities are often trolled online, and not only them, but their children are also dragged into the muddy waters. It is no surprise that some of the actors being fed up of the trolling quit social sites like Instagram and Twitter. And some who are not active on social media refuse to join so, thinking about the bullying they will invite. Few actors like Ananya Panday are raising her voice against the online bullying and started a campaign "So Positive" to spread positivity online. 

Is the world that evil to live in or we still can bring changes? All we can do is hope for a better future, and help those in need physically and mentally. The only message we can forward is 'Stay Strong' the there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

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