Streaming Giant Amazon Prime To Start Pay Per View Policy?

Streaming Giant Amazon Prime To Start Pay Per View Policy?

6 Jun 20 @ 12:06 PM | By Bindu Meduri

The ongoing lockdown has been a blessing in disguise for the OTT platforms. Given that the cinema halls across the world went into dark for almost three months, users became heavily dependent on digital streaming sites for entertainment apart from Television. It gave an exponential rise in the viewership and subscriptions of OTT platforms in a never seen before manner. Cashing in the craze a few streaming platforms even gave free subscriptions for a month or two to attract more users. While this is just one side of the coin, OTT is also slowly seeing a download slope on the other side.

Certainly, many OTT platforms attracted makers by offering lucrative deals to the films that are set to make a way to the theatres but got postponed due to theatres shut down. But, only small budget films got lured to the offers and the makers of medium and big-budget films are still reluctant to skip the traditional theatrical release pattern. All the upcoming films set for direct digital premiering are having a low buzz and some films which got released bagged mixed or poor responses. Also, it takes more than a couple of months for upcoming films to complete the shoots, hence OTT platforms got only a very few films for release.

As the new films failed to grab the attention of existing users and also failed to attract new subscribers, one possible solution to make profits is to bring into action pay per view policy. It means, apart from the subscription charges, users need to pay an extra sum to watch some specific movies/shows. This is not a new thing, as YouTube already uses this policy for some specific movies. Recently, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma also announced a pay-per-view policy for his upcoming film Climax (Rs. 100) which is set for release in his own OTT platform RGVWorld. Now, streaming giant Amazon Prime is also mulling over to start this policy to make profits. But, as the users are already paying huge subscription charges, will they welcome this new change is to be known.

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