SSMB28: A Sequel? Or What Fans Anticipated?

SSMB28: A Sequel? Or What Fans Anticipated?

12 May 21 @ 6:59 PM | By Bindu & Jilani

Ever since Trivikram announced a film with Superstar Mahesh Babu, fans are left worried. It is because, Trivikram is only helming routine commercial films and is not experimenting with anything new. Superstar fans are now worried that his next with Mahesh will also be a regular commercial potboiler. So they are demanding Trivikram to come up with an unconventional storyline.

Trivikram's earlier collaborations with Mahesh - Athadu and Khaleja - deal unconventional films at those times. While Athadu is an action thriller, Khaleja is an action drama which deals with a unique subjectline. Now fans are requesting Trivikram to come out of his commercial streak and try an unique subject for the film.

Meanwhile, the crazy gossip that is doing rounds about the title suggest that Trivikram is considering the title Pardhu for the film. Interestingly, this Pardhu is the character name of Mahesh in the film Athadu. This triggered a talk that SSM28 is going to be the sequel of Athadu. There was also a talk that the film will be a detective thriller. Although it is too early to assume, it is not an exaggeration to say that the film will shatter the box-office records if Trivikram can reach the expectations of the fans.

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